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Inspirational Poem About Overcoming Fears

When I was in my 30's, I had a bright future in writing. However, my life changed and I became a music store owner instead. Years later, after selling the store, and several moves, I found myself living in Nevada. I started reading the few poems I had written to the residents of the rest home where I volunteered. One lady grew angry because I had quit writing, so I thought I would try again and ended having outlets for my poetry books and greeting cards in Nevada, California, and New York.

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Going Forth

© more by Alora M. Knight

Published: September 2017

What will it take to free this mind,
Imprisoned long in apathy,
Now reduced to mundane thoughts
That stultify activity?

What words might somehow trickle up
Through dormant webs of talent,
Releasing from the tangled depths,
A joy once prevalent?

I stand and peer outside my cave,
Security behind me.
Am I afraid to take the chance
Success might someday find me?

Can I withstand the pounding waves
That new ideas foment?
Or shall I once again retreat,
In dullness be content?

Time laughs as I now hesitate.
It says, "Can I keep waiting?
Afraid to leave my placid nest,
Just stay there still debating?"

No! Not when new horizons
Are reaching out to find me.
The glove is thrown, the die is cast.
I close the door behind me.


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