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Hi all. I am a children's book illustrator from Russia. I happen to have my first book published in the US. I also write short children's stories and poems, but I don't really show them to people because I don't know if they are any good. The poem "Good Dreams" is actually a part of my own picture book about a tiny bear called Snowflake who wants to know where the good dreams live. This picture book is not published. I wrote it mostly for myself just because I like it.

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Good Dreams


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2011 with permission of the Author.

Knock, knock! Hush, hush.
Good dreams quietly march.
Like the fairies, they bring stories and tales,
And they sing their song: "Bala-boo, bala-bash."

They dance, they jump,
They play the drum,
But when someone in a house wakes up -
The good dreams end up their fun.

They say, "Good day!" and go away.
But when we sleep, they start again,
Tell their stories, play, and march
And sing their song: "Bala-boo, bala-bash."


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  • Brayden Sneeringer by Brayden Sneeringer
  • 6 years ago

When and why have you written this poem? Is there some kind of special meaning?

  • Clelia Nelson by Clelia Nelson
  • 7 years ago

Dear Olga,
My daughter had to choose a poem to recite in school, and she picked yours. It's nicely written and appropriate for children (my daughter is 8 years old). I've just come across your book and I really think you shouldn't be shy about showing your work to other people. Your book is so much better than a lot of children's books I've come across! Keep writing!!

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