Breaking Up Poem

I wrote this because I was with a guy for 3 years and we were in love very much he was my other half but something went wrong I started loosing interest and so did he and I feel so bad that I blame myself because he is a good guy and he has a lot of problems in his life like his mom don't want him and I feel bad but I don't want to stay in a relationship out of pity

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I Miss You


Published: February 2011

I search for the right words to say.
I wonder if you do the same.
I found myself  thinking of you every day
It hurts to feel this kind of blame
I never thought I could feel this kind of pain
from just hearing the sound of your voice
for knowing you were the only one who stopped the rain
and knowing I shouldn't of let you walk away
let you walk away as far as you did
my heart tells me not to be selfish to just pray for your happiness but when I hear your sad voice telling me you're scared and confused it hits me this is what I mostly feared was to be so close with you inside of my heart but yet so very far



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