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Poem Depicting Seasons Of Life

Life gets better, even if you are a doubter. There's always hope in finding someone perfect for you, then getting together and making something perfect out of it. Then as life goes on you see it take place as things grow and life gets more joyful. All this joy brings you to the conclusion that even when you pass on, you still watch your family/friends live happily and wait for them to join you in the afterlife.

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Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015 with permission of the Author.

I feel alone
Like there's no one to talk to
No one to love
Or nothing to go to

Alone I lay here
On this bed
Wishing this pain
Would just go red

For love to fill 
This heart with joy
Or fill it with passion
With love deploy

Alone I sit
On this grassy patch
Looking at the stars
I see I catch

The moving of a star
Shines bright at night
Wishing for something
That seems so right

Something we look for
But just can't find
True love I wished for
For two to bind

I close my eyes
And fall asleep
Knowing my wish
Our God would keep

I open my eyes
And all I see
Is a beautiful sight
Right next to me

Is this the wish
I had dreamed about
Or is it another
Sight of doubt

A beautiful thing
I look then stare
A woman of desire
Who seemed to care

Cared for the pain
I was going through
Cared for something
Like me and you

We walked away
With our hands held tight
Nothing to say
With nothing to bite

I look at her
And all I see
Is my wife running
Right next to me

Jumping along
In our grassy patch
In love with each other
With no one to match

As I open my eyes
I see my son
Holding my hand
With tears that run

With the beat of my heart
Running weak
I hold his hand
With a sudden peak

I see his wife
With a newborn baby
Named after me
As my tears run steady

I hear the beeps
Go on and off
Then all of a sudden
The beeps turn off

As I see the light at the end
Turn on
I know my life was complete
No wrong

I grabbed the rail
That lead to the end
This light flowed
With colors a blend

I follow it
Until all I see
Is my wife and son
In harmony



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