Goodbye Love Poem

In life we meet our first love. Some says it's the best feeling, but for me it's what tore my heart. The memories and the promises held a cold grip on my mind.
This poem shows how much pain ONE person can cause such a damage to me.

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Thoughts of my husband walking out my life

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My Last Goodbye


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012 with permission of the author.

I close my eyes. I see your face,
with every bit I can retrace.
Days together, days apart,
Days that took this broken heart.
Now I'm blind, you took my eyes,
eyes of my heart; you said goodbye.

I sit alone this empty night,
broken, don't know what's right.
Footprints you've left as you walked out of my heart,
I'm terrified, confused; now falling apart.

Days turned black to blue,
hours and hours I thought of you.
I cry in this lonely room,
"Babe, I'll be home soon"
Where your eyes will shine,
home, where you'll say you're mine.
For now I let the tears that fall,
my heart, my mind, you have it all.

The darkness, the cold, wishing you're here,
gives me shelter, shelter from tears.
I sit across this ticking clock,
ticking slowly as thunder struck.
The silence of hell,
but where's my soul to sell?
All that's left are the tears that stream,
and nothing but a broken dream.
Here I lay, I closed my eyes, the angels cry,
As I give up,
on you,
on us,
on this love that dies;
so here's my goodbye.


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  • Matilda  Valdez by Matilda Valdez
  • 8 years ago

Thoughts of my husband walking out my life

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