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My School's Anniversary Celebration

I am a 9-year-old boy from Sri Lanka. I like reading and writing. This particular poem I wrote for my school's 10th anniversary celebration. Hope everyone who reads this will feel what I am feeling about my school.

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This poem is so touching; I love this. It makes me happy. It's so nice.

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C.I.S. I Love You A Lot


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008 with permission of the Author.

On a small hill where it stands still,
The morning mist covers this.
The cool breeze makes us freeze.
CIS you look so majestic.

A pleasant, friendly person,
Always kind and soft spoken.
Neatly dressed and a mother to all.
If you be bad she's sure to be mad.

Friendly, smart teachers
Greeting all who enter.
Teaching all good work,
Caring all day long.

Different nationalities and religions
Always made it a union.
Fun to be among all.
This is how you should feel about it all.

Friendly helpers for the children.
Security is always assured.
Appreciate what all they do.
They're here because of you.

Balloons, ribbons, cakes and candles.
This is a very special year.
Celebrating the tenth year.
"Happy Birthday C.I.S.," you are the best.

This is a day to be happy and gay.
Food, drink, games and tricks.
Parents, teachers, and the kids
All in one place smiling away.

"Thank you! Mom," and "Thank you! Dad,"
For sending me to the best school of all.
I'll never trade my school to another.
Because it's good for me forever.


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  • Adjei Kwabena Francis by Adjei Kwabena Francis
  • 5 years ago

This poem is so touching; I love this. It makes me happy. It's so nice.

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