School Poem For Kids

Gross Meals At School

As a child, I hated school lunches with a passion. In this poem, I express my feelings about them.

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School Lunches


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016

Our school lunches are so, so bad.
Eating this just makes me sad.
None of this weird food is delicious,
And all the lunch ladies are malicious!
The chocolate cookie is the best,
But it is really hard to digest.
This idea is a great big flop
And will never ever be on top.
Scary teachers scream, "EAT UP!"
But how do I drink from the dirty cup?
I don't have a packed lunch, so I'm not so lucky.
All this food is super mucky!
I cannot cope with even half,
In math class I might barf on my graph.
I always think, "What's that on my plate?"
This is the stuff I really hate,
But I do quite like fish and chips,
Even if the ketchup burns my lips!


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