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I made all my poems from some type of experience I ran into with life.

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Sky High Or Down Low?


Published: March 2012

When god made you, he thought "Hmmm what should I do"
let this person fly, or stick him to the floor with glue,
what do you think, what do you think he chose for you,
I know he wants us to fly, but life is our glue
when we think we're up, here comes life with a reality slap
trying to test our will to see were we're at,
are you gonna get back up, or are you staying under the mat

I rose above that, and my secret is Faith
in god because I know he gave me the strength to raise
above any obstacle that is willing to face
me one on one, so here you go, start the race

who's going to win, you or it
when you think you're gonna lose try not to forget
that god gave you wings, so it's time to fly
right by your opponent and my o my

you won for the first time and it felt great,
but here come life again, and it's trying to make
it difficult for you so let us pray
that we'll get back up, and we won't let it break
us down into pieces, cause who knows what I'll take
maybe this time the race will go the other way

but it's up to you if you think god made you a quitter
time to get back up and train through the winter
until your on top of your game again, and try not to forget this time
that life feeds off anybody who has a weak state of mind
so stand up tall and face it with the strength
that god gave you cause today might be the end

so don't live your life in fear, cause no life is perfect
besides the one above us, Who believes that  your worth it



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