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Being Different

A children's poem with a positive message. Techniques used include alliteration and internal rhyming and also the use of homophones and homographs.

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The Bear With No Hair

© more by Cynthia C. Naspinski

Published by Family Friend Poems July 10, 2022 with permission of the Author.

Benny the bear was bare of all hair
And barely could bear being hairless.
He felt rather silly (and a little bit chilly)
And wished that the hairy bears stared less.

Before long, the bears with their full coats of hair
Barely noticed young Benny Bear's bareness.
But bearing in mind, a bare bear's hard to find,
Benny soon grew aware of his rareness.

So it came to bear that when Benny the bear
Got stared at he barely could care less.
He didn't mind, he was one of a kind;
A rare bear who's beautifully hairless!


more by Cynthia C. Naspinski

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