Change Poem

In every phase you go through, you find a women there beside you. She is the one who stands by you in the change and she always stays a need in your life. You go through experiences, and a woman disappears out of your life, just to be replaced by another. At every loss you lose a part of yourself, but you grow.

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The Need Of Women

© more by Rayan Al Sheikh

Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

I just know there's more
In the sea of skies above,
Holding in those many things of her
Thoughts that come to mind,
Remembering her moments and mine.
There's a cloud that rains and nothing but blame falls
I'm becoming a man ,
Every day I learn how to depend on myself
Instead of falling back into her lap and cry.
I resist and shout
And roar, I'm proud to say...this fight of life
Stalking you behind your back,
It seems all the girls walk in stacks
Wondering if fate plays a role.
The pain of mine can't simply fade away.
Nothing worth what I had with you even if it changed a lot.
So much to do to make a life fit for again
Searching for the perfect soulmate
Taste of Change...


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