Forgiveness Poem about Love

Poem About Distance In Marriage

In love and marriage, distance grows as time/life gets in the way...Treasure what you have, and move forward with an open mind and a strong heart.

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These 13 Years


Published: December 2015

Wiping away the tears, as memories flood into view.
Through the haze I glance at parts of me you never knew.
Lost in the fog of doubt and constant regret,
For thirteen years hid the real us from when we first met.
Imprisoned in this place because of mistakes long since made,
Blindly leading us down this path to us both feeling betrayed.
Gathering up the pieces of our shattered expectations,
Finally clearly seeing what remains in my quest for reconciliation.
Now uncertain of what the future brings,
I take your hand, as you take mine - and we wear our rings...



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