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Encouraging Poem About Forgiving Others

This poem is about people who hold on to grudges and can't forgive and how destructive that is.

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Hi Pat, I was so pleased to wake this morning and find one of your poems. Everything you write comes from your heart. I have commented to you before of how I enjoy your poems and I feel...

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Forgiveness Is Divine

Patricia A Fleming © more by Patricia A Fleming

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2018 with permission of the Author.

Some people view forgiveness
As a virtue for the weak.
An act of mercy undeserved,
That serves no useful need.

They stand firmly in their judgment
And won't consider a mistake.
They prefer to hold a senseless grudge
Than accept amends when made.

They feel they have some godly right
To reject and criticize.
They're possessed by righteous anger,
And consumed by pointless pride.

They're focused on how they've been wronged,
And won't be made the fool again.
So they feel they must avenge themselves
By refusing to give in.

They will sacrifice their family,
Or forsake a long-time friend.
Do anything they have to do
To be the winner in the end.

Or perhaps it's that they can't resolve
The depth of all their hurt,
Caused when someone they've trusted,
Left them questioning their worth.

But no matter why the struggle,
Out of pride or out of fear,
Not being able to forgive
Can cause the loss of ones most dear.

Yes, forgiveness is a virtue,
They even say it is divine.
But more than that it sets you free
From what weighs you down inside.

The best way to approach this life
Is to ask forgiveness and to forgive.
There's a balance to this crazy world,
So live and just let live.



I was raised in Trenton, NJ, the middle of three children in an Irish American family. I always enjoyed writing from my early childhood and over the years, I kept journals with poems I wrote. At the age of 16, I discovered my Calling when I went Christmas caroling at the local psychiatric hospital. After graduating from the College of New...

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  • Meryl M. Colquhoun by Meryl M. Colquhoun, Canberra Australia
  • 1 year ago

Hi Pat,
I was so pleased to wake this morning and find one of your poems. Everything you write comes from your heart. I have commented to you before of how I enjoy your poems and I feel you and I think the same. People who hold a grudge find it so heavy and they don't feel love, but life is too short to not forgive and makes you tired, so much easier to forgive and show some love. People make mistakes and say or do things that hurt. They only need to say sorry, and they will be forgiven. and the weight is lifted, and a new day begins. I gave you 5 Stars!
Meryl Colquhoun
Canberra, Australia

Dear Meryl,
Your words are beyond sweet. Knowing that my poems can mean that much to someone is just so heart warming and uplifting for me. I love the fact that we live so far from each other but we can share feelings that are so similar and make that connection. Thank you for taking the time to pay such a wonderful tribute to my words. It means far more than you know to me.
Pat F

  • Ryan Whiteside by Ryan Whiteside
  • 4 years ago

I was touched by the poem because it related to me. I was bullied by some kids in 5th grade. It got to the point where I couldn't handle the stress, so I told my parents and my teacher. The teacher did not do very much other than saying she will talk to the boys, but that did nothing at all. When my parents stepped in, I was able to talk to my bullies and understood what I did wrong to be treated like I was. The poem reminded me of when I bullied like the girl in the poem and how I will avoid anybody that will treat me like that again.

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