Breaking Up Poem

Hurtful Words Said During A Break Up

I had a girlfriend of about two years, and our relationship was an unsatisfactory roller coaster we never got off because of young, stupid love. I don't claim to be a great poet by any means, but I'm a fair writer and in times of emotional distress, I find writing helps. This poem literally poured out of me, as though I wasn't the one writing it, bringing forth new perspectives on our situation I hadn't considered. I hope you enjoy it. I'm proud to call it my own.

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Published: August 2018

Spiteful anger wielded by a broken heart
becomes venomous; cruelty projected in mania -
so meaningless, heartless, unforgivableā€¦
love briefly misplaced by rage and denial.
Feelings remain, but promises fade like smoke,
to dissipate in the unyielding clutches of time.
Misguided foolish hatred that lasted a moment
has sealed all hopes and memories away eternally,
locked away in the prison of my empty chest.


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