Breaking Up Poem

Losing Someone Important

When I was first dumped by my boyfriend, I took it hard. I was assigned a poetry project for one of my classes and managed to vent the result of said breakup in that form. This was the result of my assignment.

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Published: July 2018

I'm drowning.
I look around at everyone going past and suddenly I can't breathe.
It looks so easy for them,
Going about and laughing,
Having the time of their lives.
Why is it so easy for them?

I'm drowning.
But then,
Then I think of you.
I think about our times spent.
I remember walking together,
I remember nights together,
I remember movies together,
I remember how it all started.

I'm drowning.
But then I think of you.
I begin to wonder,
Am I really drowning?
Not when I have you.
Then I realize,
I'm losing you,
And these pleasant memories?
They turn to bitter reminders of once was.
So maybe,
Maybe I am drowning.

Because without you,
I can't breathe.


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