Heartbreak Poem

Not Knowing How To Deal With A Broken Heart

I wrote this poem in a moment of grief. It felt hopeless, so I poured my heart out on paper to gain a bit of solace. The person it's written about was almost cruel and changed me quite a bit.

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What Now?

Kerri L. Copeland © more by Kerri L. Copeland

Published by Family Friend Poems February 13, 2022 with permission of the Author.

You'll always be too hard to handle.
I'll always be too cold to touch.
So, that does beg the question;
Why did I love you so much?

It hurts everywhere now
From this broken heart.
I had no idea being without you
Would be able to tear me apart.

Where is your heart now?
Was your love ever real?
It would be a miracle
If for a moment, I could feel.

What am I supposed to do?
Is there anyone I can tell?
I never knew someone alive
Could really live in hell.

It's time to accept that life
Is completely overrated.
It doesn't matter that I have a pulse,
I'll still choose to be sedated.



I am married and I have a son that is almost 16 years old. My husband is not his biological father, however, they get along fantastically and I could not have asked for better. My son is amazing. He is in AP classes and works very hard. My husband has a very strong personality, we’ll say. When the two of us clash, it’s basically...

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