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This poem is dedicated to my best friend. I am still waiting for her reply. I hope she forgives me.

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I met my best friend 44 years ago. We were married 4-15-1974. He passed away in 2015. He was the best friend I ever had. He may be gone in body, but he will always be in my heart. Sometimes I...

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My Last Apology


Published: March 2011

I am sorry that I hurt you; you were my best friend.
I still can't believe that our friendship faced a tragic end.

I owe you an apology, and I guess this is the right time
I am a criminal; hurting you was my crime.

I never wanted to let you down, never wanted to see you frown.
It's been a month I've been having this feeling and I am so down.

It wasn't my intentions to make you sad.
It's that all the things I did for you went bad.

Now you hate me; that was very hard to accept.
I am feeling burdened, like I have a debt.

Let's be honest, one month went like a whole year.
I wish I could put life in reverse gear.

Punish me, forgive me, that is what I need.
I just want to undo my wrong deed.

I can't sing; I can't dance.
All I need is another chance.

I just want you to know that I still care,
And I want to make everything clear and fair.

Please forgive me; that is all what I can say.
I don't want to live like this; it's becoming harder day by day.



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  • Inas by Inas
  • 1 year ago

You have a best friend and so do I. I can't do anything without her. I love her more than myself, but she loves my enemy and hangs out with him. When I told her not to hang out with him, she started hating me. And I really need her now. Please tell me what I should do.

  • Kwa'Mayne Hargrove by Kwa'Mayne Hargrove
  • 5 months ago

It's okay. Friends come and go, but if there is a person that stands out from all the others, you can't let them go. This situation that you are going through, many people have gone through it as well. What I would do is tell them sorry and to not be mad at me. Tell her you were just trying to protect her. Don't tell her this, but if she really is your best friend then she will understand.

  • Roydan by Roydan
  • 1 year ago

Hey, I know how it feels. That has happened to me a lot. Here is what I did. I went to my friend and I told her how I felt and apologized, and I told her I'll give her some space to think about it. Next, I try to befriend the person I don't like and try to see why I don't like him. Then I reason with myself is it really worth losing someone I care about over someone I don't like and who is my enemy? I hope this helps.

  • Kathryn Eddy by Kathryn Eddy
  • 1 year ago

I lost a friend as well. Long story short - her family was starting to lose the faith. They stopped coming to church, and they stopped communication with everyone (myself included). Up until that point, they always talked to me. Then their mom said I was never to see or talk to my best friend ever again. I've never forgotten that day, which was over three years ago. I haven't seen them since.

  • EN28 by EN28
  • 1 year ago

How can I say sorry to a friend if she doesn't notice me? She is a friend I care about, one I always talked to.

  • Roydan by Roydan
  • 1 year ago

I have a friend, and I caused her a lot of pain. I didn't mean to, but I lied to her to protect her. Now she hates me. Now she won't talk to me. She avoids me at school, and when I try to talk to her she won't talk to me at all, only the barest communication, and it's killing me. I really need her. I don't know if I can make it without her.

  • Dflex by Dflex
  • 1 year ago

Hey, I am also suffering from the same thing. It's so hard, and I know I did wrong, but we can work this out. Good luck.

  • Christine Uddell Cox by Christine Uddell Cox
  • 1 year ago

I met my best friend 44 years ago. We were married 4-15-1974. He passed away in 2015. He was the best friend I ever had. He may be gone in body, but he will always be in my heart. Sometimes I feel him here watching over me. I feel like all I have to do is reach out and touch him. When I was 26 I accepted Jesus as my Savior. He brought me through the loss of my son when he was 21, my father, and my mother. And now my husband, but I have Jesus who sticks closer than a brother. He is my everything. Someday I'll get to see my family again, and most of all I'll get to see Jesus. So my best friend, I'm sorry for all my wrongs I ever did. I could have done better, but the past of our life will live on in my heart till we meet again. I love you. Your wife, always.

  • Nicholas Murangiri Mugambi by Nicholas Murangiri Mugambi
  • 2 years ago

I still can't hold on the tears, the fear, that you brought in my life when you left. I know I will ever be sorry for every little pain that I ever caused you. That's why sorry will never be enough to bring you back in my life. Unless you hear my burning heart and let go of your anger and pain. I'm patiently waiting.

  • Maddie Butchko by Maddie Butchko
  • 2 years ago

My ex-best friend Baylee and I used to hang out every day after school. We did this for three years before she became a senior in high school and I became a sophomore. I noticed that she was breaking away, but I didn't know until that day. I was called into the main office and I couldn't tell why. The principal had told me that my friend couldn't tell me to my face but she had to "sever ties." I cried and cried. She still rides my bus and is in my classes, but she never talks to me, just looks at me. I try not to look back, but it is difficult to know that I will never have you back.

  • Jess by Jess
  • 2 years ago

I love my best friend. When I was crying she put her arm around me and wiped away my tears when I was sad. We do everything together and share everything. And she's beautiful. She's got a shoulder I can lean on. She understands so well how I feel. I wish I could give her a hug. And I hope we will always stay friends. Here name is Michelle. I'm not lonely anymore. When I wanted to kill myself, I told her, and she wouldn't stop crying. She was really concerned, and she wanted to stay with me as long as possible.

  • Jamesha by Jamesha
  • 2 years ago

I have been with my best friend since year 3. That's when she came. We had a fight today. She went with these girls we hated, but now she's with them. I was so sad I cried and my teacher calmed me down. Tomorrow I want her to say sorry to me. My mum hates her now. While I was crying I said no one tell my mum because she will get upset and cry. I was saying it while crying. I STILL HAVE BAD MEMORIES.

  • Nathalyn Lia Maringai by Nathalyn Lia Maringai
  • 2 years ago

I have 7 best friends. We have been through this friendship for about 9 years. :) We have been in the same class since Primary 1 and have a lot of memories. But there was the time when we needed to be separated. It was because we all had passed with flying colours our first step of life, UPSR. We went to different college. One day we got into a big fight. :( I don’t know what I should do except say I’m sorry. I am sorry, guys, for not being there for you when you needed someone the most. I am sorry.

  • Kalyani Ghosh by Kalyani Ghosh
  • 2 years ago

I have been in a relationship with this friend of mine for about 5 years. But lately we fight, as she has changed and so have I. We have changed our attitudes but hoped for a better friendship. We have a picnic soon, and I want to make it up to her with this poem. Please wish me luck.

  • Katerina by Katerina
  • 4 years ago

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I had a huge fight and I said some bad things one thing led to another and she said it was over. I've been heartbroken since then. I don't know if I should ask for forgiveness or just move on. Any suggestions?

  • Sarah by Sarah
  • 2 years ago

You should apologize because you shouldn't get rid of a friendship because of that.

  • Mohi by Mohi, India
  • 4 years ago

I would say to you...please be patient. Even I had a very very best friend whom I lost only because I spoke some nonsense after drinking. . .he was badly hurt. .believe me our besties will never leave us alone. It'll take time,

  • Ammanda by Ammanda, New Jersey
  • 6 years ago

I treated my friend real bad. I said lots and lots of mean things after that I felt bad I tried to say I'm sorry but she just didn't want to listen.

  • Emily by Emily, Uk
  • 6 years ago

I lost my BFF a couple of weeks ago and my other close friend today... All I want is my friends back !! :( hope this will do it ! :)

  • Selia by Selia
  • 7 years ago

My friend and I have been BFFs for about four years. Lately we've been getting into lots of stupid arguments. We just went through our worst, so we just decided to end it. She brought a box filled with things that I've given to her in the past years to my house. I did the same to her. We both cried. The other day she asked me for one last hug. Now we are all done...and it hurts, but I'm pulling through okay.

  • Samantha by Samantha, Pasco
  • 7 years ago

I gave this to my best friend. We stopped being friends a week ago and when I gave this to her I said I'm sorry. Thank you for writing this it helped me out.

  • Niossi by Niossi, Guyana
  • 7 years ago

My best friend of all time now calls me his enemy. He passes me straight as if he don't even know me and as if I don't even exist. We've been friends for so long and I really appreciate his friendship. I was always there when he needed me and now it's like if I'm the bad person. I still love him though, regardless!

  • Sarah by Sarah, Minnesota
  • 7 years ago

I talked about my friend bad. And she overheard it. Now she won't even look at me or say a word. The worst thing is we have been friends for 7 years. :(

  • David by David, North Carolina
  • 7 years ago

I said some bad stuff to my best friend and it's been a month since we talked and now she hates me. This is exactly how I feel

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