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When writing poetry about emotional events, it’s important to write the poem in a way that evokes that same emotion within the reader.

How To Write Poetry With Emotion

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Writing poetry with emotion is all about getting your reader to feel what you are feeling, whether it's excitement, despair, anticipation, joy, anger, etc. It could be the best feeling in the world. It could also be the worst.

Since writing poetry is a way to express feelings, don't hold back. Just focus on getting your thoughts down on paper.

Tips for how to write poetry with Emotion:

  • Think about answers to these questions: How do you want the reader to feel in the middle of reading your piece? How about at the end?
  • Jot down as many words that go with a particular emotion. You might use them in your poem, you might not.
  • Add metaphors and strong images to help people envision your experiences.
  • Be completely honest.
  • Allow your emotions to be left on the page. Chances are, many other people will be able to relate to what you've experienced.

Examples of poems that evoke strong emotions



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  • Oliver Twist by Oliver Twist
  • 3 years ago

I learned many things from your blog. I love it. I write poetry. I have my own blog where I write. But really I need a mentor to guide me to know my pros and cons, so thanks a lot.

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