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Using poetry in a classroom is a great way to expose students to imagery, rhythm, rhyme, metaphors, personification, and a variety of other literary devices. Some teachers and students shy away from poetry because they are unsure how to use it or what it should look like, but the joy of poetry is the ability to express yourself in a creative way. While some poetic forms have specific rules to follow, poetry is much more than a formula. It’s a safe way for students to share their emotions and experiences.


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  1. Poetry Printables - Poetry Templates

    Use a Template to Write Your Own Poem

    Here you will find Templates to get you started you write your own unique poem. We've created these printable poem templates to help you write a poem.

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  3. Write A Structured Poem

    Structured Poem Forms And Template Examples

    Structured poems are poems that provide a specific format to follow. They are perfect for those who need a little more help forming a poem. They can easily be im...

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  4. Why Reading Poetry To Children Is Important

    The importance of reading aloud to children is stressed more and more. It is at the core of putting children on the path to success. Even though a child might be too young to verbally respond when a book is read aloud, it’s still extremely important for their language development.

    Parents should not only read aloud stories, reading aloud poetry is also encouraged and has many benefits.

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  6. Social Studies Poems Using Mentor Texts

    A mentor text is a text that is used as an example of good writing. Many times these texts can be springboards for you to use to ignite your own creativity and write a piece that has been inspired by someone else's writing.

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  7. Poem Templates About Animals And Nature

    Science Mentor Texts

    Below are some poems from Family Friend Poems that can be used as mentor texts. These poems were used as inspiration to create templates for others to use to create their own similar poem. Using these examples can be a springboard for classroom assignments about science, or they can be used to enhance your own writing experience.

    Animal Description

    Studying animals or find them fascinating? This one is for you. Pick you favorite animal or one that is being studied to write a poem that includes characteristics about that particular animal.

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  8. Try It Yourself - Poem Templates

    Beginner's Help For Writing Poems

    Reading poems written by other people can inspire you to write similar ones. Maybe it's the theme that catches your attention. Maybe it's the structure. Maybe it's the humor. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to try your hand at following in the author's footsteps.

    To give you a nudge, we have crafted templates that have been inspired by poems on this website. They can be used for classroom use or for your own personal writing endeavors. Search these poems and find something that speaks to you. Then click on the PDF link to print out a document that will help you frame a similar poem that has your own flare added to it.

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