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  1. A Family

    • By Patricia Biddle
    • Published: March 2012
    Acrostic Poem About Family

    F- fiercely loyal to those we love.
    A- accepting each for who and what they are.
    M- matchless in our hopes and dreams for one another.
    I- instilling pride in our hard fought heritage.

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    This poem makes feel that family are important in life no matter what happens because they are going to be there. I enjoy reading this poem.

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  3. Father

    • By Taraw-81
    • Published: April 28, 2019
    Lessons From A Father Acrostic Poem

    Facing some of the toughest times in life
    Always seem a little easier with someone by your side
    Two has always been better than one.
    He taught me that and taught me how to have fun.

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  4. Escape

    Acrostic Poem About Poetry Being An Escape

    Every time a rhyme goes through my mind,
    Something special takes place that I find,
    Creating a place for my soul to dwell,
    Away from the pressure of having to tell

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  6. A Cry For Help

    • By Samar Alkhudairi
    • Published: March 2011
    Acrostic Poem About Bullying

    B-Brutal beatings beyond the feeling of pain
    U-Understanding this hurt might get me closer to being sane
    L-Love is a myth
    L-Life has become like a work of Stephen King

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    That was brilliant I love that you put in the Stephen King thing. The last line really brings a tear to your eye.

  7. My Mother

    Mother Acrostic Poem

    M-My life would be a mess without you.
    O-Of many sacrifices, I can remember you made and ever do.
    T-The selfless love and kindness is an abundant blessing.
    H-Heart of yours as beautiful as the view of a sun rising.

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  8. Silent Healing

    Healing Acrostic Poem

    How hard it is to heal a broken heart.
    Everything seems so dark,
    And it seems like the stars even lost their spark.
    Loneliness just pulled me apart.

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  10. My Children Are My World

    Acrostic Poem For My Children

    M...y life is good., I'm glad to be me.

    C...hildren running everywhere,

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  11. Resurrection

    Resurrection Acrostic Poem

    Ridiculed and mocked, nailed to a cross.
    Each of his followers mourning his loss.
    Set down from on high, placed in a cave.
    Unmovable stone in front of his grave.

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  12. My Love

    Acrostic Poem For Someone Special

    My heart doesn't belong to me.
    You have its only access key.

    Life is meaningful because of you.

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  13. Finding Relief

    • By Gabriella Acevedo
    • Published: April 28, 2019
    Relief Acrostic Through Writing Poetry

    Running away from my troubles I begin to,
    Envy all the others whose
    Lives seem all too easy, but
    I have come to find a resting place, for poetry has become my

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    I was certainly touched by this simple yet beautiful poem. It is not propped up with long, clever words, neither does it regress into tear jerking sentiment, but still transmits a powerful...

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