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Poems about Lies and Love

When a relationship of love is developed, a bond of trust is formed. There is an unspoken agreement that the two of you are committed to each other and that you will not see other people. When one of the members of this sacred bond choose to be intimate with another person, they are not only cheating their lover but they are cheating themselves as well. They are breaking their own bond of trust. In most situations, when a person cheats, it is not because of affection for a new lover. Rather, he may be searching for what is missing in his present relationship.

Poems about Cheating and Heartbreak


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  1. The Darkness In That Night

    • By Josh
    • Published: April 2011
    I Wanted You To Be My Wife

    A chill in the air awoke him
    And he pulled his blankets tight
    The booze was running strong
    It had been a good night

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    This poem is actually excellent.
    This happened to me, in pretty much every detail apart from the knife bit ha, but I understand the pain that this guy felt. I'm sorry josh, happens to the...

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  3. It's His Fault

    Blaming Yourself When Someone Cheats On You

    Why do you beat yourself up
    because you had the courage to love,
    gave all of yourself in hopes that he was the one?

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    I know how it feels to get your heart broken many times. It hurts so bad, but all you can do is give it time and let it heal and hope the next person won't do the same, but with my luck the...

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  4. Was She Worth It?

    Remember that day? You said you were home,
    But I saw you at the club; you weren't alone.
    You held her close, you kissed her neck.
    I was your girlfriend; what the heck?

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    I love this poem I can relate, just a week ago my boyfriend came home from work we had just moved in our place together, and he said he was going to play the game with friends I said ok,...

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  6. I Should've Known

    • By Carla
    • Published: April 2009
    Husband Of Four Years Cheated On Me

    I want to write, scream and shout
    But I'm sitting here with this doubt.
    I hate you for what you've done,
    But I love you for what you've helped me become,

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    I just found out as well that my husband has been cheating on me with his married boss. It has been going on for over 2 months. I am in the same pain as you. I don't sleep or eat. I blame...

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  7. The Pain I Carry

    • By Reb
    • Published: May 2012
    Home From War To A Cheating Wife Poem

    The only regret I have is having to live tomorrow,
    For my past is full of sorrow,

    I fought my battles so far away,

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    I'm so sorry about what you went through. Don't worry things WILL Look up for you, Keep your faith & keep fighting! Thank you!

  8. Dear Heart

    Heart Broken By A Cheating Boyfriend

    Dear heart, please stop breaking,
    Please forget the one who caused this aching.
    I know I am the one who placed him there,
    But he was not true and I cannot share.

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    I am 16 I loved a boy. He was 15 he was my best friend and my boy friend. He was there for me for everything. We dated for a whole year I though he was the one. He was the star football...

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  10. You Cheated

    I Will Move On

    Why can't you love me the way you should?
    I know you could...
    Instead, my heartache is what you're choosing...
    It's me that you are losing...

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    I loved your poem "you cheated.." I have been down that path I know how it all goes .. in fact it was just recently when it happened .. I wrote a poem not too long ago that is similar to...

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  11. A Husband's Friend

    It was casual at first between you and me.
    Introduced at a time when life was carefree.

    You brought me comfort and put me at ease,

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    This is a sad but very true poem. It happens all the time. usually the "friend" can and 99 % of the time is an ex..........they are an ex for a reason and if they both know it is causing a...

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  12. Silent Cries That Completely Die

    There's no place I'd rather be
    Than in your heart
    And in your dreams.
    Hoping forever we would be

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    Today I sit here after reading this poem. It brought tears into my eye's because I can relate to everything she was saying. My man of 6 1/2 years, I guess he wanted more kids and I can't...

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  13. I'm Better Than You

    I Will Fall In Love Again

    All this talking gets us nowhere.
    Why do you get worked up? You don't care.
    You lied, you cheated, you broke my heart,
    And everyone warned me from the start.

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    Yes, good girl. You ARE better than him. Hold your head up high, and you will find someone who is the one and they will treat you like the princess you are.

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