Cheating Poem

I Will Move On

This is to every woman out there who has been hurt and used. Be strong and don't let any of these idiots get away with anything.

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My wife of 15 years cheated. I caught her, and she promised never again. Since then she has been caught over the last 2 years maybe a dozen times still speaking with him behind my back. Worst...

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You Cheated

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Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008 with permission of the Author.

Why can't you love me the way you should?
I know you could
Instead, my heartache is what you're choosing.
It's me that you are losing.
I hate what you've done to me.
I was all that you ever wanted me to be.
I'm not blind, I can see.
I see your game.
I'm not insane; you are hurting me.
After everything I have done for you,
Everything I gave you, you turn around and cheat?
All the times and memories we have spent together,
You even said we'd be forever.
The bond we share
I never thought you would dare,
Dare to hurt me this way.
All the lies you say,
You made me sick.
She is who you want to pick.
You made me cry while you told a lie,
You made me want to die.
How could this be, you're not here with me?
You are not that man I thought you were.
Now I know, now I'm sure..."Never hurt you,"
Is what you said.
Now I know you're not a man of your word.
Made me feel crazy when I asked, "Why was your phone off?"
Yet I knew you were hurting me.
I knew I was right; you were out of my sight.
You really ruined my life.
How could you ask me to forgive you?
How many times can I?
You have lost my trust over what I call lust.
You chose to hurt me; it was a must.
I am beautiful, so I have to be brave,
Brave enough to move on.
I will be strong without you.
My life won't be wrong.
I will forget you in time, 
And no, no it's not fine.
I'm glad that you're not mine.
You used to be my greatest treasure, but now you're never.
I hope you're happy for what you did to me.
Right now you're blind, but soon you will see...


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  • Mike Smith by Mike Smith
  • 5 years ago

My wife of 15 years cheated. I caught her, and she promised never again. Since then she has been caught over the last 2 years maybe a dozen times still speaking with him behind my back. Worst part, she’s been intimate with him just 2 months ago according to her, 2 weeks according to him. I even received 4 videos of the intimate act. My heart is in a million pieces, and I don’t want to give her another chance. We have an 8-year-old girl together. How will I move on from this? I just don’t think she will stop. I hate her for what she did to me.

  • Destiny Hodge by Destiny Hodge
  • 6 years ago

Man, this pain is so real. I thought SHE loved me. She broke my heart. Men aren't the only ones who do this.

  • Madison Saleh by Madison Saleh, Michigan
  • 9 years ago

I have been with my best friend for 9 years. Until my best friend told him I was cheating. He broke up with me the first second he knew. I cried so much I lost my breathe. I couldn't get over him till my close friend made me forget about him and how he had hurt me. I was glad we broke up because all he did was turn off his phone and never talk to me or trust me. Now I'm with a guy that trusts me and takes care of me. And never believes anyone that lies and says I am a cheater.

  • Salma by Salma
  • 9 years ago

Hi, I really like your poem... I may write it in a fanfic I write you don't mind though

  • Marcy by Marcy
  • 10 years ago

I thought I know him, I gave him everything I have more then anything. I gave him a child and he went to visit his family in Africa and when he come back everything changed. He wanted out. I gave him space about 6 years and we got back together last year and in June I found out I'm pregnant with twins. The worst thing happened to me I found out he was married when he was in Africa. I'm so broke in pieces I was with this person since I was 19 and I'm 28 now soon will be with 3 kids. I'm hurt and scared being alone.

  • Brandy by Brandy
  • 6 years ago

You're not alone. You live in a big, big world. There are a lot of us out there. I feel your pain.

  • Mystery Man by Mystery Man, Ringgold Ga
  • 10 years ago

So I'm not alone, this pain sucks I'm trying to escape and move on. It's hard almost to hard I gave her it all but she did exactly what this poem describes.

  • Halley by Halley, Mo
  • 10 years ago

I was with my ex for 14 years, since 8th grade. He was my everything, the love of my life. We had two beautiful boys together. We were set to be married in June 2013. On fathers day 2013 I found him cheating on me with an 18 year old little girl. They had secretly been together for a couple months. Needless to say that was the only and final straw for me. All the "I will never hurt you's" and "we will be together forever's", don't listen to any man. Unless he has a FAT rock to put on your finger....or some other was to prove he really wants to be with you for the rest of his life. No woman deserves to be hurt like that....EVER!!

  • Jessica-Lonely Girl by Jessica-Lonely Girl
  • 12 years ago

My best friend broke up with me yesterday. because of nothing! Some people that I thought were my friends told her many lies about me! I don't know why did they do this to me, but now my best friend hates me. Her paintings are on my room's walls and I just can't touch them or throw them out like she through me out of her heart! It's so hard because she has told me that she loved me so much and that she will never leave me alone but...everybody says she didn't deserve my pure love but I don't think so. I cried so much! I think she deserves my tears, our friendship deserves these tears even if she doesn't. Oh my god, how...

  • Michelle Ford by Michelle Ford
  • 12 years ago

I absolutely loved this poem. I was looking all around for something that actually fit the sorrow I felt. I plan on singing this song in a show, because it was so beautiful.

  • Juju by Juju
  • 12 years ago

Call men pigs, but I was with a girl for 3 years and she did the same, and I am sure I am not the only guy to experience this

  • Max The Insomniac by Max The Insomniac, Under Your Bed
  • 7 years ago

I know right? I, personaly, (being a real feminist, believing that men and women are equals) was slightly angered by that. Women do the same thing. People who choose to be narcissistic pricks who cheat on thier loved ones, those are the true pigs.

  • BrokenHearted by BrokenHearted
  • 15 years ago

loved your poem so much!!!
it is so encouraging in fact...
right now on the path where my guy cheats on me... been together for 2 yrs and now preg with his child ... how am I going to past this mess!!!

  • theresa stamey by theresa stamey
  • 15 years ago

I loved your poem "you cheated.." I have been down that path I know how it all goes .. in fact it was just recently when it happened .. I wrote a poem not too long ago that is similar to yours .. but I just wanted to remind you that most men are pigs .. but don't let one ruin a relationship that might be worth it!! Just don't let your past relationships hold you back .. you never know what else is out there .. and there is a certain someone out looking and one day you will run into each other .. but anyways .. GREAT poem I loved it!!

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