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  • Cheated My Love

    • Published: May 2010
    Hate For Father Poem

    in Hate Poems by Teens

    Growing up was tough because of you
    You left and didn't care what I went through
    Without you, I survived and grew

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    My dad is doing the same thing cheating on my mother. He was never really there for me or my mom and brothers and sister. He left his family for a scum! I don't know if he's done this more...

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  • Hard To Let Go

    • Published: December 2008

    in Cheating Poems

    Where do we go from here?
    I can't believe that you are not near.
    You're the cause of my every tear.
    Losing you was my every fear.

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    I have been in a relationship with this man whom I have loved so much for over four years. Two years ago he had to go out of the country for a particular job. We kept in touch and I thought...

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  • Never You!!

    • Published: October 2012

    in Cheating Poems by Teens

    How can you look into my eyes, open your mouth and tell me all these lies?
    You brought me so much hurt and pain... Your driving me insane...
    Yet you don't even feel your shame... I gave a chance but you're still the same...
    How many more times will you make me cry, how many times have you told a lie? ...

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  • My Father Is My Enemy

    • Published: October 2012

    in Hate Poems

    If this is who you really are, than I want you far...
    If this is what a father is, than I never want one...
    You abandon me in my time of need,
    Left me with nothing to eat......

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    My "dad" physically, mentally, and sexually abused me. I hate him so much... it's his fault I'm in foster care for two years now and my family doesn't even care. They helped him escape from...

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  • Time To Stop Struggling

    • Published: July 2008

    in Courage Poems


    Life is unfair; sometimes the misery we can't bear.
    This was a feeling I could never share.
    I am strong, strong enough to move on from this pain.
    I won't feel the shame; my life is not a game.

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    I was touched. I have felt like I've been drowning for quite some time now. No, life is nothing but pain and suffering. And it's definitely not a game. Although everyone around me seems to...

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