Hate Poems

Hate Poems

I Hate You Poems

Hate is a deep feeling. It can spring up in a person if they are neglected, mistreated, or abused for long periods of time. Hate can turn us against someone. It can cause us to deny them forgiveness. It shouldn't be allowed to well up in a heart without good reason, because it is almost impossible to erase. If you hate someone, or you simply hate their actions, remember that hatred doesn't heal hatred. Only love can do that. We can become better people by refusing to become the things we hate.

12 Poems about Hating Someone You Love

  1. 1. My Rage

    • By Lorilei Brown
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2013

    I have been abused like any other child out there has. It makes no difference, Abuse is Abuse! That's how I've learned to be respected by others. So do not judge me for what I've done in my past. Everyone makes mistakes and I have truly learned from mine..... Have You?

    During my childhood I was badly abused
    and as I grew older, I became the accused.

    The beating I took came straight from dad,
    who used every obstacle to beat me so bad.

    That tears that I've shed were because of fear,
    that kick that I took it deafened my ear.

    Doing hard labor at the age of nine
    keeping the torment in back of my mind.

    Eventually I became this child of steel
    hard as a rock, with no tender feel.

    I became immune to the blows to my head
    as the tips of my welts that slightly bled.

    The pain, it faded and my mind grew weak,
    but as my body grew stronger, I became this freak.

    He said he'll teach me from wrong to right,
    but my rage grew stronger, so I stood to his fight.

    He kicked down my door, I stood to my feet
    he sensed the difference as our eyes finally meet.

    I held no fear by the stare of my eyes
    I was no longer afraid, but wanted him to die.

    Speechless we stood as my fist starts to flinch
    while he drew closer, I never flinched.

    His first blow landed forcefully on my eye
    I shook it off and said, "It's your turn to cry".

    We fought like caged animals, He fell hard on the floor
    I spat in his face and said, "NO MORE!".

    After that night no two words were said,
    walking to the beach with conflicting thoughts in my head.

    Like: What did I do?, but yet felt as ease
    I was happy to see him begging me please.

    Was it the right thing for me to attack?
    For the beatings to stop so he won't hit me back? 

    It must be the way for him to leave me alone.
    I saw the fear in his eyes that had once been my own.

    As I grew older it lingered in my mind
    the memories I harbored never stayed behind.

    I figured, "I'll be respected if I fight my way through
    because I've powered over my dad and I can power over you".

    I never started trouble, but if it came my way
    I'd fight to destroy with nothing to say.

    The littlest thing you do can get me mad
    who knows what will happen as you fade into dad.

    My past still haunts me after all these years
    it brings me power and hides my fears.

    When I get into rage I can no longer see,
    but I know you're my dad who stands in front of me.

    I'll give all I've got till the damage is done
    once again my past has won.

    I've abused so many loved ones or not,
    but I never cared and I never stopped.

    It took that one night when she yelled it at me,
    "The Devils in your eyes, Oh GOD please help me!".

    The fear that I saw it made my heart burn
    I wanted to run, but no where to turn.

    I looked deep in her eyes and I seen myself there
    she was badly bruised, just shaking with fear.

    Now I'm in prison and paying my dues
    for the damages I've caused with scared black & blues.

    The memories continue to haunt me today
    I want it to stop, please GOD take it away.

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    Featured Shared Story

    Hi, my name is Lisa. This poem really touched my heart in more ways than I'm even able to say. It brought back so many bad memories that I have tucked away for a long time. Sometimes I wonder...

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  3. 2. Mirror, Mirror

    • By Ellie B. Ross
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2018

    When you walk past a mirror and feel the need to cry...

    Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
    Why aren't I thin, pretty, or tall?
    Why don't you show the perfect me?
    The one that everyone pretends to be.
    Mirror, Mirror, standing there,
    Why can't you just stop and stare?
    Why do you point out all my flaws?
    Making me feel the lowest of lows
    Every time I hear you speak.
    Slowly inside it's killing me.
    Why do we have these arrogant mirrors
    That only believe in the public figures?
    The models we see on TV,
    Oh please, dear God, make that me.
    Mirror, Mirror, can't you see
    What you show is killing me?
    Every day and every night there's no escape.
    A mirror in sight.

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  5. 3. Little Glass Bottle

    • By Ally Flouhouse
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015

    I have struggled with my hate for most of my life. Just when I become happy again, it just hits me harder. Most days I put on a smile and try to be strong. Fake it till you make it, right?

    The words flow out,
    My blood on a page
    I'll just sit here,
    Drowning in rage.

    A small glass bottle
    Full of tears
    That I've held back
    For thirteen years.

    What did I do,
    To earn such woe?
    Why must I
    Hate everyone so?

    But yet,
    I'll act strong.
    I mustn't crack.
    I won't,
    Though this bottle
    Breaks my back.

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    Featured Shared Story

    I hate the lies I hate the tears I hate the screaming I hate my past I hate what you did I hate you.

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  6. 4. Forever Changed

    • By Danielle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    This is a story of what happened to me. Ever since I started writing about it, things have gotten a lot easier and are much more clear to see. Still, because of this, I have been forever changed.

    I heard the footsteps coming and I knew this would be another long night,
    And something inside me screamed this time it really isn't right.
    The words he was saying were ruthless and cruel,
    And each time he hit me, I sat there and obeyed each and every rule.
    I sat there blank faced and scared knowing that I couldn't cry,
    For I knew what would happen if he saw the tears in my eyes.

    Each and every swing felt worse and worse,
    And then all I wanted was to be dead in a hearse.
    He got real close and whispered, "Bitch, I wish you weren't alive,"
    And all I was thinking was you're right, I wish I wouldn't survive.
    He threw me against the wall then proceeded to pin me to the ground.
    He hit me again, covered my mouth, not letting me make a sound.

    I started to struggle and tried to release myself of his forceful grip.
    Then the next thing I heard was a loud, horrifying rip.
    His hands were cold and I cringed at first touch.
    I don't understand how a father could hate his daughter so much.
    I froze, and I couldn't believe that this was really going on.
    I just kept looking at the clock, wanting him to be gone.

    I tried so badly not to think of the sharp pain,
    And this wasn't part of his usual game.
    I closed my eyes, wishing the time would just pass by,
    And that next time I opened them I would be up in the sky.
    He pushed harder and harder and excruciating pain was all I felt.
    The next thing I heard was the unbuckling of his belt.

    Something happened inside of me that I cannot explain.
    I got this surge of energy and said, "F you and your reign."
    Somehow, someway I got out just in time.
    But what he had already done will never get out of my mind.
    From then on my life has been forever changed.
    It was like all I knew had been rearranged.
    I hate him with everything I have in me and so much more,
    And one day I want to end this war.

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    Featured Shared Story

    As I read your poem, I can't come up with words to explain how good it is. I was 4-5 years old when my father forced himself on me the first time. I was so scared because my mom was in jail...

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  7. 5. You're Not My Father

    • By Kristin K. Hudson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A girl vents her anger at her father who is not present in her life.

    To have your last name
    makes me ill.
    You make me so angry
    I want to kill!

    I hate your voice
    and the thought of you.
    You were never there
    when I needed you!

    You're inconsiderate,
    you're a lazy slob.
    How could you do
    what you did to mom?

    It's like you don't
    even accept me.
    What kind of father
    can you be?

    You're stupid for thinking
    that I'd forgive
    what you did to me...to mom.
    How do you live?

    Do you regret?
    I hardly doubt.
    I bet that I'm
    the last thing you think about.

    Don't lie to me.
    I know I'm right.
    I don't want you
    in my sight!

    Stay where you are;
    don't bother.
    You're lousy - I hate you
    You're not my father!!

    But that's okay,
    you see,
    because I don't need
    your money!

    You've forgotten
    me before.
    Go ahead...do it
    some more!

    LOSER! JERK! - I hate you
    you're not my father,
    and guess what,
    I'm no longer
    your daughter!

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    I'm so glad I was able to find my poem again after so long. Thank you for everyone's kind words. In 2012, my maternal older brother paid for my father’s bus ticket to spend a week where I...

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  8. 6. My Hate For You Will Never Fade

    • By Marie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    A family "friend" molested me over and over for about a year when I was 11 years old. I did the right thing and put him in jail, once I gathered myself and got the strength. I wrote this to do the only thing I could do--to set myself free...others should do the same.

    The things you did to me
    Took away what made me free.
    I was a prisoner to you, locked in a chain.
    You played me, like a puzzle piece in a game.
    It keeps me awake at night
    Because in my mind I wonder why?
    How could you do this to me?
    All this pain and misery
    Your ugly soul brought upon me.
    How do you live with yourself?
    Knowing that you changed my life for me,
    Took the things I never had.
    I want and need it back so bad.
    Our relationship started from something minor,
    From there to something worse.
    Things I thought I was imagining
    Became a haunting and memorable curse.
    Not only did you take my childhood,
    You took my life.
    Turned me around and slit me with a knife.
    I never thought this would happen to me,
    But it did.
    I'll never forget,
    I'll never forgive.
    And all this pain I went through
    Was just because I trusted you.
    You stole my voice,
    I had NO choice.
    You took advantage of me,
    Took control of my whole body.
    And yet I stand strong, to this day.
    My hate for you will never fade.
    The battle is over, it hasn't just begun.
    Now it's the end...I'm the girl still standing..

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  9. 7. Without You

    • By Cameron Lund
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    I HATE being patient, but I've got more of it than anyone else I know.
    I HATE having to put myself aside for something else,
    but I care enough to do it.
    I find myself filled with a lot of that lately...this...hate...
    It sounds so weird to say it out loud...hate....It doesn't have a nice feeling.
    I HATE- 
       It's just not me.
       It's not how I want to be.
    It doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth.
    It doesn't sound right swirling through my head.
    Why is it that I find myself constantly forcing that word out of my head?
    I hate that...
    there it is again,
    lately it creeps up on me.
    I know what causes it. I'm tired.
    I'm tired of being patient and putting myself second,
    second for you.
    I hate you,
    I don't hate you.
    I hate the power you seem to have over me.
    I hate that I can't hate you.
    I feel helpless,
    The words echo through my head.
    They echo through the room.
    The room
    This room.
    I hate this room.
    The room you so kindly took the time to build for me.
    The room in my head,
    once my sanctuary - now my enemy.
    I hate this room.
    I'm forced to sit in this damp windowless room.
    There is no way out. Not yet, anyway.
    I have to wait.
    wait - and be patient,
    for you.

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    When I was little my parents got divorced. Then from there my brother and sister began to fight with each other. Then with my dad, too. I hated it. What they did. Then my brother died. He was...

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  10. 8. Indescribable

    • By Mack
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015

    I'm fine now. This is just what I remember.

    The burning hate,
    so severe, everlasting,
    the hate you take every day,
    that you absorb,
    the burning hate that you despise,
    the hate.
    You hate the tired, the draining exhaustion that burns,
    you can't get rid of it, no matter how much rest.
    You hate the pent up anger
    that you release into the world to handle,
    but you don't care,
    but deep down under the hate, you do.
    You hate the sadness,
    You have too many emotions to tell.
    You are alone, no matter how much someone loves you.
    You are alone, almost scared.
    You hate the confusion,
    the haze you live behind,
    your mind,
    a prison.
    Every night
    you dread the next day,
    and what lies ahead.
    Sleep heals,
    but hardly does it help.
    The headache, stomachache, muscle aches,
    pain to the bone.
    inside and out,
    merciless, unforgiving,
    You forget what it's like to
    smile, laugh, be loose, be fun, be social,
    be what you used to be.
    And what you hate the most
    is the stress,
    the hair yanking,
    indescribable stress.

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    I am very touched by this poem . I have favored it and I will show it to others if asked about depression. Thank you!

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  11. 9. Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

    • By Kayla
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    Feelings of betrayal

    Where do broken hearts go
    When they don't have a song to sing
    or have a prayer?
    When your heart is bare?
    Where do broken hearts go?
    When your heart has been
    ripped out of your chest
    and stomped on?
    When your body goes numb and
    you can no longer care?
    Where do broken hearts go
    to shun themselves away from
    the rest of the world?
    When they're all alone and can't
    stand to go on?
    To be at one with themselves.
    And think...think...
    Thinking why?
           Why would this person want to     
              deliberately hurt me?
            Was it something I did?
               Something I said?
            How could they do this to me?
              Then the depression turns to
                 You feel betrayed.
             Since your heart just went up
                     in flames
                  you want revenge.
             Suddenly it turns into this
              Bride of Chucky moment where
                all you can think about is
                    kill, kill, kill.
              Visualizing their blood being
               splattered, painting itself
                    on the walls.
                     You get up
                take a deep breath and
                 inhale the fumes of
                   the dead corpse.
              Feeling relieved you leave
                      the scene.
              Leaving them like you felt
                Colder than dry ice.
                  So answer this

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  12. 10. Prisioner Of Life

    • By Sabrina
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    Why do people hurt the ones they "love"? My father is very abusive. He would control my every move, beat me if I did anything "wrong," or just because I remind him of the way my mom looked when she was my age. All it did was make me sad and angry, and I felt like I was about to blow. This poem describes exactly how I felt.

    Sitting alone in the dark corner,
    Knees against my chest, head in my hands.
    Watching the tears run from eye to floor.
    Happiness left my soul, now so dark and cold.
    Life in my eye is no longer shown.
    If only I could escape these chains and cuffs
    And once again run from my thoughts.
    I am a prisoner of life.
    Contaminated by this strife.
    With Death hanging by my side
    Black tears were all I cried.
    Anger was built up in my blood.
    All the revenge is creating a flood.
    These chains will one day break.
    You are all I will seek.
    Like a snake I will slither.
    Once you sleep I will smother.
    Look at me now, try to read my heart,
    All my love and joy is forever departed.
    You shouldn't have locked me away.
    To think I was once your little girl,
    This is what you made me, sick and angry.
    I am a prisoner of life.
    Contaminated by this strife.
    With death hanging by my side,
    Black tears were all I cried.
    Anger was built in my blood,
    This is what you made me.
    You're fast asleep in your bed.
    Your words echoing in my head.
    This is my soul being unleashed.
    In my pocket I reached,
    Grabbed the knife you once tried
    But unlike you, I will not fail.
    A sharp pain opened your eyes.
    You gave a look of surprise.
    Look at me now, Daddy.
    Aren't you happy?
    During your last breath
    I grabbed the key.
    I am finally free.

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    Featured Shared Story

    This was... very psychotic. But I felt the same way once. However, the rage I felt was not because of abuse, but because I was a puppet in some woman's life. That woman was my mother. She...

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  13. 11. My Father Is My Enemy

    • By Tanya
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2012

    Dedicated to every child out there who has been left out by their father. No matter what your dad may do, no matter how bad it hurts, remember that there is such thing as karma, and karma will bite them hard in the long run. Be strong and always be prepared for the day where they will come back and beg you for forgiveness.

    If this is who you really are, then I want you far...
    If this is what a father is, then I never want one...
    You abandon me in my time of need,
    Left me with nothing to eat...
    I had to survive on my own two feet...
    All the money you had, and still you treated me so bad...
    You're the worst dad, and that makes you so glad!!!
    What comes around goes right around...
    I hate when you yell, I hate that sound!!!
    I looked for you and hell is what I found!
    I should of been your princess with a crown.
    Instead, you treated me like I was your clown.
    Betrayed me and left me with a frown!!
    Look at my tears, what about my fears?
    You can't help me anymore. Don't even try, what for?
    I hate what you have done to me!
    I used to be so weak. I was afraid to ever speak...
    Now I have found strength and I'm not afraid...
    I'm not afraid of telling you to leave.
    You are my dad just by name. Because of you, I will never be the same...
    You are insane, and that's how you will remain.
    My mom is good. She's not the one to blame...
    She had to play your roll as a dad...
    You were never there. She was always so fair...

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    I too hate my dad. My dad abandoned my family many years ago. I don't want his love. He came back home a year ago promising us a good life, but he lied. He often beats my mum, which I can't...

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  14. 12. Hands

    • By Erick Humphrey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    Sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves for causing pain, but we can always change.

    In desperation I search, trying to find myself, I look.
    I search and search, for my heart is lost, I search.
    Too scared to run, too scared to move.
    Paralyzed by pain and fear, I search.
    I fight to live as I stager at the pain.
    I sit beside me staring at what I see.
    I shake my head at what I made me.
    I fight to not listen at the pain I created.
    The pain I will always see.
    As I twitch in emptiness my eyes begin to see.
    The more they find, the more it hurts.
    They look at me as a piece of meat.
    Trembling legs, week arms, and scars from defeat.
    I fight myself because of what I see.
    It's me I'm looking at and me that won't succeed.
    I stare and look, searching for answers, for that I concede.
    I shred myself and my sole with my eyes.
    They are too strong for me, for that I am paralyzed.
    I see my hands as the grasper of pain.
    They are the retriever of all I have received from me.
    As my hands fight back, I see
    I am only what I want to be, and I still have a chance to defeat me.

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    Featured Shared Story

    Dedicated to every child out there that has been left out by their father. No matter what your dad may do no matter how bad it hurts, remember that there is such thing as karma, and karma...

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