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    Poems by Anastasia Moser

  • Another Crush

    • Published: October 2017

    in Teen Crush Poems

    I don't want to keep feeling this way,
    Because each time I come closer, you move away.
    I don't want to seem desperate or clingy at all.
    I just want you to catch me each time that I fall.


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    I am also a sophomore and I also have a major crush to a guy who's a senior. We barely talk (we always meet) but he's such a gentleman. One time, he drove me home. It was already night and he...

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  • We All Have Feelings

    • Published: March 2011
    Fighting With Friend

    in I'm Sorry Poems by Teens

    I'm a human with feelings,
    I can cry like the rest,
    I have bruises that are healing,
    and I deserve myself a rest.


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  • Anastasia Moser
  • 11 years ago

omg Hun I am going through the same problems right now. school is about to start and I am planning on wearing a mask to school so I can get attention, but I will be coming home and crying :(

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  • Anastasia Moser
  • 11 years ago

OMG what made you write this hun? I'm sorry to hear this I loved your poem for it rhymed and made good sense. I write poems too that rhyme like that. and I have this attention problem, I need attention, I seek it and I crave it, yes I know I am ADD and I am on medicine, but that doesn't help with the craving of attention that I seek from friends and especially boys, but I don't go around and make myself look loose or go cutting myself, I just keep it inside and only tell some friends at a time now so that they know to pay attention to me. I loved your poem!!

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  • Anastasia Moser
  • 11 years ago

OMG, all of you who have been sexually abused I am sooo so sorry for you! I started crying reading this poem ! and your stories,
I wasn't sexually abused, but I was abused when a little girl in Ukraine. I didn't have the courage to tell anyone either because I was so little, I was at the age of 3 4 and 5 and my parents sometimes wished I was never born and they abandoned me a lot of times in the streets, leaving me to survive all on my own in the cold nights of the dirty streets. I rather be out there instead of with them though. well I didn't tell anyone because all I was seeking was love from my parents, and even though they hit me at times I forgave them and I showed them love for that's what I wanted back from them !! that's the only thing I was seeking, love from my parents!

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