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The trauma of abuse is never fully gone from a person's consciousness. Its filthy stain leaves its residue on the soul forever. However, like all bad experiences, it is possible to turn this experience into good by developing compassion and empathy for others who have been through this experience. Many people feel that bringing meaning to a traumatic experience is a path to healing. When I turn a negative experience into a tool that brings meaning into my life and others, I am taking the best kind of revenge on my abuser.

Thank You to the Victims who have shared their stories

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  1. Hush Little Sister

    • By Yerzinia
    • Published: April 2009

    Hush, little sister
    Please don't cry
    I wish I could be there
    To sing you a lullaby...

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    So glad you found the courage to tell your dad! I hope that in some way, your scar can become a reminder of how strong you and how courageous you've become, instead of just pain, and the...

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  2. Speechless

    Child Abuse Ends In Death

    My Name Is Sasha
    My Sister Is Leigh
    I am six
    And she is three...

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    I'm glad you've found the courage to be so encouraging and for all your compassion! I'm praying that God will show you so much comfort and love in your life, you can leave those memories...

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  3. No Way Out From Sexual Abuse

    He came into my life
    when I was just a little girl
    I was happy and young
    And then he changed my world...

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    I can relate to this somehow. I was sexually abused when I was in a relationship with my ex. I was with him for 7 and a half months. I wanted to leave, but he threatened everyone that I cared...

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  4. Daddy's Doll

    The frigerator is full of beer,
    And the couch is full of crumbs.
    I go to bed and in my head,
    I just know he's going to come.

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    I used to be my brother's doll. It was just a game to him. He hurt me and would say he loved me. I covered for him for years, both because I didn't want to remember and because I knew no one...

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  5. Living With God

    She's Screaming and crying,
    I don't know what to do.
    I try to help her,
    But I can't move....

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  6. While I Was Bleeding

    Don't Stay In An Abusive Relationship

    Where do I begin to explain the beating?
    You watched as I sat there bleeding,
    You never cared about my feeling.
    My hurt had no healing. ...

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    I'm glad you're so determined and caring! We need to all stand together, and educate our boys too. :) God bless! I'm praying for this wonderful hope that you have. <3

  7. I Was Just A Baby

    The road I have been down is really scary,
    I'm making it... barely.
    I stay so ashamed of my life because of it's past,
    the memories are still here and I want them gone fast....

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    I feel sorry for you, words are not enough to express how much I appreciated your poem coz it was driven from life. I don't know what do you feel right now but I just wish for you to continue...

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  8. Living In My World

    • By Tiffany L. Holic
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem From A Child Abused Physically And Emotionally

    Late on the dishes, food still on the plate
    Mommy is mad-Daddy's home late.
    I'm in the corner crying all alone
    Wishing to myself, get me out of this home....

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    Thank you for sharing you story, I'm glad you could pause and think about loving your family! :) I'm praying for you to find forgiveness so that you can have peace and be free from all anger...

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  9. Please Don't Hurt Me

    Poem About Stepdad Abuse Scars Forever

    Scared and alone a sad little girl cries herself to sleep,
    No hand to hold, no one to tell so alone at night she'd weep.

    Tears falling down her nine year old face, ...

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    This was beautiful. It made me cry.

  10. Black And Blue

    • By J.D
    • Published: April 2011

    Sitting alone under the night sky so black,
    Nobody knows what she's holding back,
    Pulling her sleeves past the black and blue,
    Once these bruises fade they'll come back anew....

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    That poem very much ought to be published. Very heart wrenching. I am 53 yrs old. A man from a very abusive father. But I have 2 daughters and never ever laid a hand on either of them. ...

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