Teen Crush Poems

Teen Crush Poems

I Have a Crush Poems

When you can't seem to think about anything but one special person, you probably have a crush on them. Sometimes crushes come on quickly, love-at-first-sight style. Other times, crushes sneak up on you, turning a good friend into the object of your affection seemingly overnight. Crushes make you smile for no reason, daydream relentlessly, and feel extra motivated to go to school. They also make you reread text conversations a hundred times, just because. They are fun and innocent and sometimes, if you are extra lucky, they can even lead to love.

28 Crush Poems - Love Poems about Crushes

  1. 1. When Will You Notice Me?

    • By Kayla
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2011

    What you've been looking for has been right in front of you.

    What do I have to do to get you to notice me?
    Change my hair, the way I walk?
    My clothes, the way I talk?
    We've known each other for some time now,
    Yet I'm still invisible to you.
    My feelings run deep and how
    I wish you only knew.
    I see your face every time I close my eyes.
    To me, you just seem so different from the other guys.
    To you, I'm just a friend,
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    I settle for friendship in the end
    Because I don't want to make a mess.
    Instead, I'll keep my secret to myself
    And take my pride back off the shelf.
    Until one day you finally see
    That you and I were meant to be.
    I'll wait for now but not too long
    Because sooner or later I'll be gone.
    So when will you notice me?

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    I really like this guy. He's my brother's best friend, and he's like two years older than me. I don't think he sees me as a girlfriend type because I'm his best friend's sister. Every time I...

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  3. 2. Love? No. Fate? I Think So

    • By Tammy Luu
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    Some may think it's just a poem by a teenager in lust. Yes, it's corny and exaggerated. However, it's not an excuse to talk about a crush. I've only met him once. For me, this poem means something because I wrote it in the midst of my confusion about my strong feelings. I barely know the guy, yet, and this is cliché, I can't get him out of my mind. I'm usually very casual with guys, but I had to try really hard to act normal.

    I knew the day we met
    That we were meant to be.
    I knew our fate was set,
    That you were the one for me.

    I didn't even know you.
    I only knew your name.
    I wasn't sure what to do.
    I didn't know who to blame.

    I knew I found you attractive.
    I could tell that you were nice.
    The butterflies were so active
    That I couldn't think twice.

    Everything I did that day
    Didn't show you who I am.
    Every time you came my way
    My heart began to ram.

    My actions weren't natural.
    My reactions weren't real.
    I felt so very terrible,
    But my heart I did not wield.

    And when the group said goodbye to me,
    My eyes were fixed on you.
    I knew I was trying to see
    If you felt the same way too.

    I liked you when I saw your face,
    But maybe it was the touch.
    My heart had begun to race.
    I already liked you too much.

    I knew the day we met
    That we were meant to be.
    I knew our fate was set
    As friends, as lovers, as enemies.

    Love? No. Fate? I Think So

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    My story...I'm a 7th grader who has a crush on a 8th grader. Oh boy... I didn't realize I had feelings for him until just recently. I was waiting outside my classroom for something when he...

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  5. 3. When I See You

    • By Roslyn Stevenson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014

    This poem is about how I feel when I see my crush go by.

    Poem About A Crush

    When I see you,
    Your eyes sparkle while you say hi with the sweetest voice in the world.
    When I see you,
    My heart skips a beat, and I don't know what to say.
    When I see you,
    Love and happiness fulfills my thoughts, and all of my troubles go away.
    When I see you,
    I wonder if you think about me as much as I think about you.
    When I see you,
    I daydream about the day we could say "I Do."
    When I see you,
    All I want to say is, "I love you."

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    I met this girl in my school. I had so many feelings for her, and all I ever thought about was if I was good enough for her, and eventually through getting to know her better, I was able to...

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  6. 4. Another Crush

    I'm crushing on this boy from work.

    I don't want to keep feeling this way,
    Because each time I come closer, you move away.
    I don't want to seem desperate or clingy at all.
    I just want you to catch me each time that I fall.

    I'm so tired of always being that flirt.
    I want more than just that but don't wanna get hurt.
    Can't believe I knew you so well from the start.
    Now I feel pathetic when you mess with my heart.

    You're just a good day and a stormy night,
    Just another crush that leads me to fright.
    You're one of those traps I can't seem to avoid.
    What are you to make of me once my heart is destroyed?

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    I am also a sophomore and I also have a major crush to a guy who's a senior. We barely talk (we always meet) but he's such a gentleman. One time, he drove me home. It was already night and he...

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  7. 5. My Greatest Regret

    I'm 12 years old. I started writing poems when my teacher asked my class to, but I found out it was a great way to let feelings go, so I wrote this one down about something that happened to me last year, in sixth grade. That girl had to travel, and I still miss her.

    Lost Love Is All I Have

    I never showed my love when she was here.
    Of her reaction I always had that fear.
    Now she will no longer stay.
    I never showed my love, and now she's away.

    I always wanted to look at her face.
    I always wanted to be near her place.
    I always had a feeling deep down inside,
    A feeling I always had to hide.

    I did what I could to hide what I feel,
    To hide how my heart she can steal.
    Why hide? I was always asking.
    Now it's time for unmasking.

    Since I saw her, I wanted to be more than her friend.
    Now that dream will forever end.
    She was the first girl on which I had a crush.
    To see her, I went to school in a rush.

    She might seem normal to you,
    But she's a saint from my point of view.
    I thought she was perfect for me,
    But through my wish I wasn't able to see.

    I never told that girl how my feelings were.
    I never showed her how much I care.
    I regret not having that talk.
    I regret not breaking that block.

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    Most young boys and girls at some stage in their lives have to pass through this because of shyness or fear. Whether their feelings convert into union or parting, the memories left in their...

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  8. 6. A Hoping Crush

    My poem is about a boy I had fallen deeply for. At a dance he came to me during a slow song but blushed and walked away. I was mortified, but I came to the conclusion that to get him hooked I needed to tell him how I feel about him. Let us hope it worked.

    Poem To A Boy I Fell For

    Your smile makes me smile,
    Your laugh makes me laugh.
    Your eyes are enchanting.
    You make my thoughts seem daft.

    Since the day I first laid eyes on you,
    My feelings grew and grew.
    In that first conversation, my knees clicked and clacked,
    And those butterflies flipped and flapped.

    And as I spill these simple rhymes,
    My mind goes over time and time.
    Why didn't you ask me to dance
    During that slow song of endless romance?

    I hope this doesn't seem to creepy.
    Please don't think my thoughts have flown too freely.
    Just know that what I speak is true
    And that I have fallen deeply for you.

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    It happened to me too but now I'm in college and he's in another college in Singapore, so I can't really see him, but sometimes whenever I'm feeling lonely and depressed, I would always close...

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  9. 7. Forever Vanished Love

    • By Stefanie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2011

    I met a guy a few years back, and I just wanted to express my feelings toward him by writing this love poem.

    Everything was simple,
    Everything was fine.
    I knew I couldn't have you,
    And I knew why.

    I tried to move on.
    I dated other guys,
    But then when we'd hang out,
    I knew I had lied to myself.

    You noticed me drifting.
    You said, "Please explain,"
    But I didn't want to lose you,
    So I tried to deal with the pain.

    It's hard to be with you.
    It gets harder each day.
    When I look into your eyes,
    I feel my body floating away.

    I miss the way it used to be.
    You don't feel the change.
    You don't know I really love you.
    I'm sure to you, it's just a game.

    As I close my eyes tonight,
    I'll pray as I was taught to do.
    I'll pray that you realize that
    I love you but I can't have you.

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    I knew I loved him the first day we met. Every time I saw him I smiled and looked away. I didn’t have any confidence. When I told my friends, things spread quickly. He started to casually...

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  10. 8. The Sobs Of A Goodbye

    • By Erica
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017

    I am thirteen and I have secretly been writing poetry since fourth grade. This one is very special to me because one of my favorite things to write about is dreaming. I do happen to have some trouble with sleeping, so I wrote this. I like this one. I hope you do too! :)

    Dreaming Of The One You Love

    In the calmness. In the stillness. In the silence I awake,
    Waiting in great patience for the egg of dawn to break.

    For hair is golden thread woven from my golden harp.
    Be careful touching things if you don't know if they are sharp.

    In the calmness. In the stillness. In the silence my thoughts stream,
    Waiting in great patience for the arrival a dream.

    Far away I know you thrive in golden heaps and piles.
    Far away you live each day for miles and for miles.

    Away from me you sleep each night content in your own mind.
    Away from you I dream broken dreams of memories unrefined.

    I wish before I sleep that I might see your long lost face,
    For I'll never see you out of dreams. This is the only place.

    So your fingers pull my heartstrings, and I wait for it to end.
    In the calmness, stillness I await for any friend.

    Fragments of my memories. I dream them, unrefined.
    Far away you sleep in Finland, content in your own mind.

    In the calmness. In the stillness. In the silence my thoughts stream,
    Waiting in great patience for the arrival of a dream.

    Each night I lay alone, hoping that I might find a way to you.
    After the fragments of my memories that I am forced to suffer through.

    Each night I lie awake, longing for something to light my way.
    When I see a light, I open my eyes to see it's only the light of day.

    I lay my head down soundly on my pillow; I start to cry.
    Muffled in the linens are the sobs of a goodbye.

    I know I'll never dream of you. I try so hard. I try.
    Muffled in the linens are the sobs of a goodbye...

    Hair is but golden thread. All is not what it may seem
    While waiting in great patience for the arrival of a dream.

    In the calmness. In the stillness. In the silence my thoughts stream
    Waiting in great patience...for the arrival of a dream.

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  11. 9. Tucked In His Pocket

    • By Abigail Fenlon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2014

    I wrote this about a guy I've had a crush on for 4 years. We always say hello to each other and chat, but we're always too shy to say much else. Pathetically enough, I still have a crush on him; he's my longest crush and will always be my favorite summer love.

    There he goes, walking with his friends.
    Little does he know he's got my heart tucked in his back pocket.
    I stand there waitin' for you to notice
    That I'm crushin' on you, boy, and I just can't stop it.

    He flashes a smile, and I melt like butter.
    He speaks to me, and I can only stutter.

    Here I stand, staring at my feet.
    When he walks by, can he hear my heart beat?
    It's got its melody when he's around.
    He picks me up when I'm feeling down.

    When he looks into my eyes and smiles,
    Can he see how much he drives me wild?
    He's adorable and wonderful,
    Incredible and unbelievable.

    I wish I could tell him everything I feel.
    His heart's not the only thing I want to steal.
    His breath, his kiss,
    I wanna be the one he'll miss.

    When he closes his eyes,
    Wanna be his last goodbye,
    His most treasured

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    There’s a guy I’ve known for years. He used to explain to me how much he loved me, but I told him I only wanted to be friends. Then I knew I loved him but was too scared to admit it. For some...

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  12. 10. I Wish

    • By Lydia R. Terpstra
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2016

    I like this guy, and he's a senior. Problem is, I'm a freshman. I wrote this poem in hopes that someday we will be together forever.

    Poem About Our Age Keeping Us Apart

    I wish I could say it,
    I wish you would know.
    The way you make me feel,
    My heart almost seems to grow.

    I wish you knew I mean it,
    When I show my affection.
    I wish you could see
    You've made a lasting impression.

    I wish we could be together,
    But our age forces us apart.
    I hope that you know when you leave soon,
    You'll be in my heart.

    I wish we had longer
    Than just these few weeks more,
    I wish it was forever,
    That you'd be knocking on my door.

    Someday you will know
    What you mean to me.
    My wish will come true,
    And we'll be meant to be.

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    Same but I'm in 7th grade and I really like this 9th grader and love an 8th grader, but only one of them knows I like them. The 9th grader does because he is my best friends' brother. I also...

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  13. 11. A Time To Give It A Shot

    • By Tyler Holley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    This is a poem about wanting to give dating a chance.

    Giving Dating A Chance

    Your beautiful eyes,
    Your warming smile,
    Your wonderful country accent
    Makes me smile.

    I'm shy to talk to you.
    Foolish, I don't know why.
    What to be scared of?
    You remind me of stars in the sky.
    Beautiful and bright,
    You're a joyful sight.

    I don't know you well
    But wish to know you more.
    Maybe go on a date
    Or see a show, either one,
    I'll just be happy to know
    That we gave it a shot
    And didn't just let it go.

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  14. 12. I Love You

    • By Cami
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2018

    I saw him every day. We would stare into each other's eyes. I would talk to him all the time. We have a connection that he can't see, but I want him to. It hurts my heart. He's the one. I hope to ask him out soon.

    I Wish You Could See That I Love You

    Why can't you see what you do to me?
    When I see you, my heart races.
    I have been told that you like me,
    but every time I give you the moment,
    the perfect moment,
    you miss it.
    I want to say I love you, but I'm too scared.
    What if it breaks our friendship?
    What can I do, what can I say?
    The words left unsaid
    Are the biggest pain I feel.
    What's on my mind?
    Can you hear my heart?
    I can feel it burn me on the inside.
    My heart, I sacrifice,
    wild and running for one person.
    Will I ever have you?

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    I'm pretty sure that's how my crush feels maybe a little different because I've told her how I feel and I know she likes me back. Yet we can't date because I don't wanna lose the friendship...

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  15. 13. Did You Know How You Make Me Feel?

    • By Noelle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2013

    I wrote this for a guy I like and also how I want to feel when I fall in love. :)

    Dear You,
    Just so we're clear,
    there's a reason why you're here.
    You are here so I can have
    the greatest gift and I'm so glad.

    But just so you know,
    I want you to see
    how much you truly mean to me.

    Let's see, how should I start?
    First, let's talk about the way you affected my heart.
    I can't think straight when you are near,
    For I am blinded with fear.

    The fear of you finding out
    what I'm trying so hard to hide.
    My feelings for you
    are staying locked up on the inside.

    Sometimes you make me want to sing,
    sometimes you make me want to shout.
    All I know is
    when you're around,
    I get butterflies.

    I wonder how you feel
    if anything I'm feeling is real
    or is this all a dream?
    Please God, put me out of my misery

    Because surely I must be dreaming
    because, you are a dream
    of perfection in every way

    The way I feel about you,
    I cannot even begin to say.

    Are roses always red?
    And do violets have to be blue?
    But the one true thing I know
    is that

    I'm in love with you,

    not because of your looks
    even though that's partly it.
    I love you for what's inside,
    and hopefully one day, you'll be all mine!

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    I met a this guy in literature class and had a crush on him. As time went on, we became friends. He is handsome and seemed romantic. My heart beat wildly whenever l saw him. I felt cold...

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  16. 14. My Secret About You

    I wrote this because I have a friend I'm falling for, and everybody keeps telling us we should get together, but I'm not too sure if he feels the same way about me.

    Yeah, everybody has a secret.
    I have one, too.
    Most of my friends know,
    But what about you?
    I can't explain what I'm feeling.
    Could it be true?
    I'm not sure, but I think I'm falling for you.
    To be honest, I think it's quite possible.
    It's funny how this feeling grew.
    I'm falling once again,
    But this time it's for you.
    Tell me you like me
    Or at least give me a clue.

    I know this feeling
    I've felt it before,
    But that was different
    'Cause he walked out the door...
    I could be losing it,
    But I'll let the rain pour
    Because a day without you
    Is like hitting the floor.
    All over again,
    I'll fight this war...

    Standing here with you feels so right,
    But something's wrong.
    This rhyme is a little off,
    But I'll sing this song.
    It's beautiful
    Because its melody is so lovely, but somehow it doesn't belong.
    It doesn't have to be perfect,
    So why don't you sing along?

    I'm being honest.
    I can't believe you broke my shell.
    Everybody sees it,
    So I'm like "What the hell?"
    Being around you makes me stupid
    Can't you tell?
    You funny jerk,
    Am I going to have to spell
    It out so you could see?
    I'm telling you I fell
    For you...
    Do you feel the same as well?

    I told you the truth,
    So now I'll go
    Unless you stop me.
    I'll leave you alone...
    Say you feel the same
    Cause I don't want another clone...
    I like you for you,
    And I know I don't need a wishbone.

    A friend saw you looking today
    Just as I thought of this silly rhyme.
    It's not perfect, but it's good enough.
    Liking someone is not a crime,
    So don't be intimidated,
    Considering you have plenty of time.
    Tell me today...tell me tomorrow.
    Either way is fine...
    I don't mind waiting.
    Shoot, I'll give you extra time...

    Another moment is passing by,
    So I'll give you this
    And hopefully I won't kiss
    It goodbye...
    Knowing me I'll probably dismiss
    The event because in all reality,
    I'm just too much of a sis
    To give you this poem.
    I'm too intimidated, but I can't miss
    Another chance to tell you the truth;
    I can't waste another minute in this 'What if?' abyss
    Especially without you...

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    You seem like a nice person, and whoever that guy is is not worth it, so I just suggest that you move on. I know it's hard because this is no longer a crush, but you've fallen hard for him....

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  17. 15. Admiring From Afar

    • By Vidhi T.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2016

    Hi, my name is Vidhi. I am just a regular 17-year-old girl who has a passion for writing. I have never felt confident with my writing and decided this would be an excellent platform for me to grow. This poem is a story of a girl who is pining for someone she cannot get, and it relates to me as being a teenager. I get really anxious and nervous around people in general, let alone guys I think are attractive. Hopefully you all relate to this as much as I do.

    Poem About Being A Secret Admirer

    When I look into eyes,
    I feel my heart lighten up.
    A many a time, tried to reach for your attention,
    But I know you will never feel the same.

    When I look at your face,
    I notice your crooked smile.
    I notice the crinkle near your kind eyes,
    But you will never look at me the same.

    When I look at you,
    I see my whole world.
    My stomach is brimming with an infinity of storms,
    But I will never be your world.

    When I try to approach you,
    I get anxious, my palms start to sweat,
    My heart starts to race,
    My legs start to tremble, and I never make it.
    Fate has decided that I am better off admiring from far.

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    I am a regular teenager whose passion is music, and I met this girl whom I had a crush on. She's also interested in music. I find it very difficult to confess my feelings for her because I...

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  18. 16. She Is

    • By The Doctor
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2017

    This is for the girl who came into my life and tantalizes me with her amazing personality, but she doesn't even know it.

    Love For A Girl But Scared To Tell Her

    She is the one who stole my heart.
    She is the one who gave me meaning.
    She is the one I've fallen for.
    She is the one I love,
    But she is clueless.

    She is the only one I think about.
    She is the only one I can see myself with.
    She is the reason I get out of bed every morning.
    She is the one I love,
    But she is clueless.

    She took my heart.
    She stole my soul.
    She crept in my life
    And made me love her.
    She is the one I love,
    But she is clueless.

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  19. 17. How Could This Be

    Really liking a guy but not wanting to admit it

    Once more I'm hooked on this boy
    I'm just glad he doesn't see he used me as a toy
    He sent me a text saying he really misses me,
    And I can only think how could this be?

    A guy like him,
    A girl like me,
    How could that be?
    But he's all I see.

    Say his name and you'll see me smile,
    Ask me how I feel about him and I'll disappear for a while.
    I may not willingly admit it,
    But I sure do feel it.

    This boy takes my emotions every which way,
    But by my side he always stays.
    How can it be,
    That a boy like this could even see me?

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  20. 18. Can You Let Me In?

    • By Patience
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    You ever had that crush, and didn't know how to tell her that you like her..? Outside, all I'm asking is.. Can you let me in?

    Do You Love Me

    I know, I might not seem your type.
    But here we are, can't you give it a try?
    If truth be told, I've been Lost most of my life...
    I'm the bird with the broken wing.
    All I'm looking for is Love...
    Aren't you looking for the same thing?
    I wouldn't hurt you...
    For I've been hurt before.
    Went to battle, but I lost that war.
    Now, I hope I ain't scaring you off...
    It's just, I don't want to get hurt no more.
    Knock knock,
    Can you let me in..?
    I've been standing awhile at this door.
    Only asking.
    Here I am, just wondering...
    Can you let me in..?
    It seems, if you can't hear me..
    So I'm ask again,
    Can you let me in..?
    Listen, Love doesn't ask,
    it just happens.
    Here we are,
    So what's happening?
    Can you let me in..?
    Its cold out here.
    I'm freezing.
    I'm stabbed and I'm bleeding...
    But I know you can start my healing.
    I'm feeling for you,
    I'm thinking of you...
    A wise man once told me,
    "That's how it starts.."
    Can you let me in..?
    Can't you hear me...?
    I said, your Heart.
    Knock knock,
    Can you let me in..?

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    Latest Shared Story

    I was very moved by this poem. My mansion of love has many doors, but letting someone in is a problem for me. I mean I have an entrance of limited access to protect me from heartbreak.

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  21. 19. Falling For A Guy Who Doesn't Know I Exist

    • By Kelsey Shonk
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2013

    We have all fallen for that one guy, who doesn't know we exist. Well, this is part of my story.

    I'm falling.
    Falling so hard for a guy who doesn't know I exist.
    I claw for anything that will stop me.
    Groping the air.
    But still I fall.
    No one can stop me not even him.
    I tried other guys but none of them feel the way
    I imagine you do.
    Nothing can stop me as I descend farther into loving you.

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    There's this one girl I like in school and she is just perfect. She is fun and exciting and so beautiful. But we only have one class together and she doesn't notice me that much. I'm 14,...

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  22. 20. Think Of You

    • By Wesley Manning
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

    I am a 15 year old boy that is looking to have fun!!!!!!!!!

    Lying in a meadow,
    Hiding in the grass.
    Staring at the stars,
    But a thought distracts me.
    All I think about is you, and
    The way you make me feel.

    I love the way you smile,
    I love the way you laugh,
    I love the way your eyes glitter,
    When you are standing in the light.

    I love the way you we talk for hours,
    I love the way you listen.
    I love the way we stay on the phone for hours,
    But say nothing at all.

    I love the way you stand up for me,
    I love the way you tease me.
    I love the way you say hello,
    Every morning I walk in.
    Most of all I love the way you stay by me,
    No matter where I am.

    So next time when I am lying in a meadow,
    And I'm hiding in the grass.
    When I'm staring at the stars,
    You will be beside me.

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