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Ciana R. Geckle

About Ciana R. Geckle

I was born in Lima Ohio on June 20th, 2000. Since I was little I have always loved stories, and even tried to write my own!
My love for poetry really started when my Grandpa showed me a collection of poems that his sister wrote. Unfortunately they were never published, but they definitely made an imprint on my heart.
When I was 12, I began writing poems, and have been writing ever since! When I found this website, I was overjoyed to discover others who loved poetry just as much as I do. I hope to write more and more poetry and eventually publish a collection.
I just graduated from high school and am anxious to discover what opportunities are in store. I have 7 younger siblings that keep me on my toes but help me to appreciate the little things.
I hope you enjoy my poems!
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    Poems by Ciana R. Geckle

  • To Love A Fighter

    • pending
    • Posted on 09/09/20
    Loving Someone That Has A Hard Time Letting You In

    in Confused about Love Poems

    As hard as steel,
    As tough as brick,
    Unaffected by what he feels,
    Acting decisively and quick.

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  • Love Can Say So Much

    • pending
    • Posted on 05/12/20
    Loving Someone Forever

    in I Love You Poems

    If words can mean so much,
    And prove my love for you,
    I'll never lose my touch,
    And my love will be ever new.

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  • The Greatest Loss

    • pending
    • Posted on 04/11/20
    The Sorrow Of Jesus's Mother

    in God Poems

    I saw her standing by the cross,
    The virgin mother so fair,
    While she suffered so fatal a loss,
    And no one seemed to care.

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  • Blessed, Broken, Healing

    • Published: July 2019
    Hoping To Mend A Broken Friendship

    in Broken Friendship Poems

    Is hope gone?
    Is friendship lost?
    Am I wrong?
    Or is this what true love costs?


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  • Birthday Wish

    • Published: January 2019
    Birthday Wishes For A Little Girl

    in Birthday Poems

    A cake with a lit candle,
    Presents with ribbons and bows,
    A bike with pink, glittery handles,
    A little girl who grows and grows.


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  • Ciana R. Geckle, LaRue Ohio
  • 2 years ago

I am sorry for her loss. Yes, I do hope this helped!

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  • Ciana R. Geckle, LaRue Ohio
  • 3 years ago

I really love this poem! I can definitely relate. Just recently I had to end a friendship, and I felt terrible about it. I felt broken, felt as though I had failed, but I came to realize that it happened for the best. The person pretending to be my friend was just no good, and I knew that if we had still been friends I would've been hurt even more than I had been. This poem expressed for me how to stand tall and not to let liars, pretenders, failures, or mistakes bring you down. Thanks so much for writing! You did a fantastic job!

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