Miscarriage Poem

Sadness And Healing After Loss Of An Unborn Baby

This poem uses rhyming scheme and follows the pattern of a, a, b, b. This poem is written from a mother's point of view after a miscarriage. I mainly wrote this for my mom, who has experienced two miscarriages. So, for all you mothers who have lost a baby, I hope this poem comforts you and helps you to heal. My heart goes out to you!

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I am sorry for her loss. Yes, I do hope this helped!

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A Mother's Goodbye

Ciana R. Lewis © more by Ciana R. Lewis

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2019 with permission of the Author.

I only had you for a little while.
I was never able to see your smiles,
Yet I thank God for the little time we had,
Even though when you left, I was sad.

You were so precious and small, little ones.
I wouldn't have cared if you were daughters or sons.
I held you within my womb, though not for long.
I was so happy to be your mom.

But God was ready for you to go,
Even though I wanted to see you so.
You died, little ones, within my womb,
And your enclosures of life became a tomb.

I was never able to name you.
I was never able to hold you.
I was never able to feel you breathe.
I was never able to give you the love you need.

I was never able to say goodbye.
Just thinking about it makes me cry,
But you are still a part of our family,
And we all love you; siblings, daddy and me.

I await the day when I shall see you again,
When my life ends, and the others sing requiem.
I pray I'll be in heaven, and there I'll come see you,
Where you, my little angels, play under skies so blue.



I was born in Lima, Ohio, in 2000. Since I was little, I have always loved stories and even tried to write my own! My love for poetry really started when my Grandpa showed me a collection of poems that his sister wrote. Unfortunately, they were never published, but they definitely made an imprint on my heart.

When I was 12, I began writing...

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  • Bandile King by Bandile King, KwaZulu Natal, Ladysmith
  • 5 years ago

My friend's mother also had one miscarriage, and the second baby died after being one month old. The mother still numbing that pain, and I hope this poem is going to help her.

I am sorry for her loss. Yes, I do hope this helped!

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