I Love You Poem

Loving Someone Forever

I wrote this poem for my boyfriend who means the world to me. I hope you have a loved one that is special to you, and that my poem can touch their heart and yours. Enjoy!

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Love Can Say So Much

Ciana R. Lewis © more by Ciana R. Lewis

Published by Family Friend Poems February 10, 2023 with permission of the Author.

If words can mean so much,
And prove my love for you,
I'll never lose my touch,
And my love will be ever new.

Words, there are a lot,
Yet good ones are so few
To describe the love I've got,
For my dearest darling, you.

If hugs and kisses are gold,
And can keep you always close,
My love will never run cold,
Since you're the one I love the most.

Hugs can connect our hearts,
Kisses unite our souls,
And we'll never be apart,
If grace on us God bestows.

If I am your everything,
I who am but dust,
Then to you I'll ever cling,
My treasure that will never rust.

For I do not deserve any love at all,
Yet you have made me your love,
And for you I cannot help but fall,
For you are a blessing from above.

Eternity starts with me and you,
And may it never end,
May it remain faithful and true,
And may you always be my life, love, and best friend.



I was born in Lima, Ohio, in 2000. Since I was little, I have always loved stories and even tried to write my own! My love for poetry really started when my Grandpa showed me a collection of poems that his sister wrote. Unfortunately, they were never published, but they definitely made an imprint on my heart.

When I was 12, I began writing...

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