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Poems about Pregnancy Loss

One of life's most painful losses is that of an unborn child. Miscarriages cause a pain that is unfamiliar to most and understood by few. Parents feel a strong and natural love for their unborn child and to lose their little one to death before they ever had a chance at life can seem unfair, cruel even. Parents are left to wonder what might have been and a pair of empty arms can seem emptier than ever before. Faced with such a terrible situation parents should remember that it is normal, necessary, and healthy to grieve.

Poems for Coping with Miscarriage Loss


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  1. Long To See Your Sweet Face

    • By Kim Perry
    • Published: January 2012

    Two pink lines, we knew it was true,
    Sooner than later we would meet you.
    I yelled for your Daddy, and smiled just so,
    He stood there in shock and a glorious glow.

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    This poem really touched my heart, see my best friend just had to have a d&C done because her baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, there was no heart beat. I didn't know what to say to make her...

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  3. Miscarriage

    Sympathy Poem For Miscarriage

    What we call miscarriage,
    Is hard to understand,
    but God calls special babies
    back with Him in Heaven's land....

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  4. An Unfinished Life

    Poem Not Understanding Why Son Was Taken

    I'm sitting here mystified and numbed with pain
    To lose someone so close, yet so far away.
    Some say you can't lose something you never had.
    If that's true, then how can I feel this sad?

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    Wow, this poem brought tears to my eyes. I just lost our baby a week ago. I have been trying to look for closure but nothing has helped. It had taken us four years to conceive. When we...

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  6. Still

    • By Jenna L. Alfrey
    • Published: April 8, 2017
    Suffering After A Miscarriage

    My body is still birthing,
    But nothing is to show.
    The little life that was to be
    Left my body days ago.

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    I'm sorry for your loss and for your pain. I'm at the finish line of my own miscarriage, and your poem describes everything I'm feeling. I'm trying to feel/get better. Maybe when the bleeding...

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  7. A Letter To My Unborn Child

    • By Kaitlyn
    • Published: January 2011

    So quickly you came into our lives,
    So quickly torn away.
    Never got the chance to meet you,
    There's so much I want to say.

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    Dedicated To My first miscarriage with my 5th child

    I never had the chance, To hear you talk or hold your hand, Our time ran out
    Before you could walk..You were born with wings..I never...

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  8. For Our Angel

    • By Lisa
    • Published: March 2012
    From The Parents

    We don't want to cry anymore
    But the pain won't go away
    Our hearts are torn in two
    Because our baby couldn't stay

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    This poem is all so true! My husband and I found out 2 weeks ago on June 28th, 2012 that we were expecting. After 8 years we had finally conceived! The very same day that we found out about...

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  10. Teenage Miscarriage

    • By Danielle
    • Published: June 2009
    Poem About Losing Triplets

    They say that time's a great healer
    But I don't think that's true.
    My heart's been aching so, so much
    Since the day that I lost you.

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    I too lost my little girl at 20 weeks pregnant and it's been 5 years now and still on the day I had her it's her birthday and it's hard. Time helps, but it doesn't take away that whole that's...

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  11. A Dedication To Your Unborn Child

    • By R.E.S.
    • Published: November 2007

    You went into the office
    expecting the great news,
    that your baby was secure,
    growing in your womb.

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    This poem touched my heart and tears well up inside I haven't let fall. I tell everyone I'm fine but learning of a child in my womb for the second time in my life without a heart is so hard....

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  12. I Did Not Expect This

    • By Carola
    • Published: July 2010

    This is natural, they say
    It is all for the best
    I cannot move past this heartache
    This pain in my chest

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    I feel your pain. I had it happened to me twice in six months. both times when I went for my 9 week scan, there was no heart beat. That is after I saw the heart beat at 6 weeks. All the test...

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  13. I Am Here

    • By Stacey Jo Rumberger
    • Published: July 2012
    Poem For The Loss Of A Baby

    Please don't cry, I am here
    just look around, I am very near
    I am the prettiest butterfly
    exploring the day...

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    I'm 17 years old. And I was happy to found out that I'm pregnant. I was 12 weeks pregnant. I told my boyfriend that I was and he said that he's not ready and he doesn't want the baby, so he...

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