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    Poems by Deborah Robinson

  • Passing Time

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    • Posted on 04/21/19
    The Time That Has Passed Since My Son's Death

    in Son Death Poems

    I close the door on yet another day,
    It's been over eight year's now since you went away,
    It now seems forever since I last saw your face,
    Time ticks on at a startlingly pace.

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  • Birthday Wishes To My Son In Heaven

    • Published: January 17, 2019

    in In Memory Poems

    If I could have one wish in life,
    That wish would have to be
    That God would take away my pain
    And send you back to me.

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  • For The Need Of You

    • Published: February 2016
    Poem About Missing Son

    in Son Death Poems

    I need you to touch,
    I need you to see,
    I need you so much,
    I need you with me.

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    He had just found the meaning of what life should be. A son of his own on the way when he taken from me. As a mother of others, I am not alone, but there's a place in my heart that only he...

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  • A Picture Of You

    • Published: February 2011
    Poem About Death Of 25 Year Old Son

    in Son Death Poems

    I only have a picture now,
    A frozen piece of time,
    To remind me of how it was,
    When you were here, and mine.

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    I understand your loss. My son was killed on August 25, 2016, in Bridgewater, NJ. My son was 29 years old, and he was a very gifted, talented person in art and music. I have to remind myself...

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  • Deborah Robinson
  • 8 years ago

I have just read this poem and it really puts into words everything I am feeling after the loss of my son 6 months ago. Does the ache every go away? And will the tears every stop?
Part of me hopes it never will. I too find comfort in expressing my feelings in poems, and I have put mine on this website as well.

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