Son Death Poem

The Time That Has Passed Since My Son's Death

I wrote this poem 8 months after my son's death. His story accompanies a poem I wrote that is as already on this web site called "Picture Of You." That poem along with this relays the feelings that only a grieving mother would understand. I hope you agree.

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Today would have been my son's 35th birthday. We had just lost my little sister suddenly on Nov 7, 2018. After her funeral, I flew to Norfolk, VA, to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter. I...

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Passing Time

© more by Deborah Robinson

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2019 with permission of the Author.

I close the door on yet another day.
It's been over eight years now since you went away.
It now seems like forever since I last saw your face.
Time ticks on at a startlingly pace.

If only I could turn back the hands of time
And bring you back home to when you once were mine,
To hold you close and out of harm's way.
Whatever happened on that fateful day?

If I had only been with you,
If I had only been there,
Just maybe your future
Could have turned out to be fair.

My mind goes over all that has been.
Why did this happen? Why could I have not seen.
For as your mother, I should have known
And not just at the end of a telephone.

If you had never have left, if you had stayed with me,
Maybe our lives might have been as others will be.
Some people might say that it's time to move on,
But my life seems so empty now that you're gone.

Where do I go, and what do I do?
For Liam, I really do so much love you
In my heart and my head there is still so much pain,
For a huge empty space in my life now remains.

My prayers that I say every night are for you.
I pray that you're with me in all that I do,
And when my time here has come to an end,
It's you that the angels I hope will then send.
To take me back home and light up my way,
And from then to forever, I'll be with you each day.


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  • Eve Shelby by Eve Shelby
  • 3 years ago

Today would have been my son's 35th birthday. We had just lost my little sister suddenly on Nov 7, 2018. After her funeral, I flew to Norfolk, VA, to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter. I arrived back in Toronto on Nov 26 and was met by my son, Tye. For him to drive to the airport is a long way so that should have alerted me that something was wrong, but it didn't. When we got home I found my other son James waiting. When we went inside Tye said he had some bad news for me. He said "There's been an accident. Andrew has passed away." Andrew was my youngest son who lived in California with his family. He and his best friend had drowned in a canoeing accident at Lake Shasta. Needless to say, I went into shock. It's been over 2 years, and while the grief has had time to lessen, the anguish of losing one of my children will never go away. It feels like there is a hole in my heart... a piece missing because it went with Andrew. Your poem calmed my heart and slowed my tears today. Thank you!

  • Marie Hafdahl by Marie Hafdahl
  • 3 years ago

Today is the two year anniversary of my beloved son Dave's passing. My friend Nora knew my anguish and sent me your poems. I am so touched by your poems, for the words are exactly as if I wrote them. My son had a very hard life and was a bright light in spite of his suffering. God bless you.

  • Sandra Clark by Sandra Clark
  • 4 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this poem. It gives me comfort to know I am not alone in my grief from losing a child. I lost my 23-year-old son, Cody, in a car accident two years ago (2-18-2018). Getting told by my daughter on the phone the night that he died was the most gut-wrenching experience that I’ll ever live through. I’m not gonna lie and cover up the fact that he was drunk driving. He had been an alcoholic since he was 15 and was in and out of rehabs, but nothing helped. I’m just glad he didn’t hurt anybody. He lost control of his vehicle and ran up a ditch and hit a culvert head on at 60 miles an hour and broke his neck. I was angry and him and with God for taking my second son. I had a stillborn 25 years ago. I miss God so much that it takes my breath every time I think about him being gone and never coming back. I’ve been living in darkness for two years now, and this poem helped me realize that I’m not alone, so thank you for sharing.

  • Theresa Farris by Theresa Farris
  • 4 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this poem as it speaks the reality of my son's sudden and unexpected death at age 36, only six days before his 37th birthday this year. There is a pain, a crushing, a loss that will not cease. I can only find peace in knowing God is sovereign and makes no mistakes.

  • L Robinson by L Robinson
  • 4 years ago

Thank you for this poem. There's so much of it that really resonates with me. It's 3 years ago tomorrow (29th Nov) since my boy died. He was only 19.
Sometimes the pain of losing him is so overwhelming there's no words to describe it. It's nice to read these poems; it helps to know that others understand what you're going through.
The thought of when my time comes and he's there to greet me fills me with hope and joy and gets me through each day. Thanks again.

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