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    Poems by Judy A. Carrier

  • Ant-thology

    No body ever said life was easy or fair. I survived triple negative Breast Cancer (16 yrs.), a long term abusive relationship that ended in divorce after 34 yrs. with a broken heart, and a son who has been institutionalized for mental illness for over 4 decades. Some of us must carry heavier loads than others. It's all about never giving up, on yourself or on life!

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    • Posted on 03/15/16

    in Inspirational Poems

    I watched an ant the other day

    As he struggled, labored on his way

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  • Truth

    • Published: February 2016

    in Life Lesson Poems

    There comes a time in all our lives
    when truth will set us free,
    so live each day as though you know
    your last it may well be.


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    I just love this poem it is so true and yes it has touched me!

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