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    Poems by Katie Q. McKee

  • The Magic

    • Published: November 2017
    Importance Of Writing

    in Creative Poems

    Have you ever had the feeling
    You were meant for something great?
    But you just couldn't find it.
    Maybe it could be too late.

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  • The Barrel

    • Published: December 2017
    Facing Your Fears

    in STOP Teen Suicide Poems

    You were my second and final plan.
    Your bittersweet ending
    Gave me hope
    In some sort of strange way.

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    Katie, I read one of your poems and liked it so much that I had to read them all. You are an amazing poet, and your scores really don't reflect how exceptional you are. This poem is just...

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  • Far As I Can See

    • Published: May 26, 2018
    The View Of The Mountains

    in Beauty of Nature Poems

    Peering out across the motionless water
    No sounds to be heard for miles away
    Nonetheless I remain quiet for now
    Along with noises of the beautiful bay

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  • Baby Blues

    • Published: November 2017
    Fear Of Children Inheriting Depression And Anxiety

    in Mental Illness Poems

    No words can describe what I feel when I look at you.
    The glory of your smile brings light to this place.
    So simple yet so impossible to understand.
    Every move you make is taken in with grace.

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    This is exactly how I feel. I have always suffered with mental health issues, but when my partner left me last year, I fell to pieces. Even more than a year on, I struggle every day with...

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  • I Won't

    • Published: November 2017
    Poem About Never Giving Up On Life

    in Courage Poems by Teens

    As long as I can remember I've been wrong.
    Everyone always saying I have to be strong.

    Everything inside myself tells me to give in,

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  • Katie Q. McKee
  • 5 months ago

I am so glad it spoke to you, and I wish you all the best in the future!

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  • Katie Q. McKee
  • 11 months ago

Thank you very much for saying this, I hope that your battle with soon get a little bit easier. I'm so glad that I could make you see that no matter how hopeless you might feel there's always something to keep you going. Good luck!

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  • Katie Q. McKee
  • 1 year ago

Yes, we will win! It might take months, years, or a lifetime, but we will never stop fighting. Thank you for your comment.

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