Mental Illness Poem

Feeling Helpless

To me this poem represents being controlled by something you can't overcome. For example people dealing with mental health issues. You entire life is eaten by this power and despite your efforts you can't make it any easier. I think it's one of the hardest things to experience and saddest things to watch happen to someone else. So the puppet is you and the disease, addiction, person whatever it may be is what's controlling you.

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Published: July 5, 2018

The despair that holds her back tugs on her heartstrings
But like a puppet she will obediently play along

She was once optimistic and filled with joy
But that way of life soon came to an end
Her mind was used as a distorted decoy
The distraction that consumed her entire world

She wanted something to change
It didn't matter if that were good or bad
She wished she could take a stand
And sometimes imagined that she had

Under the influence of a higher strength
She patiently waited untouched
Looking to anyone for the answers
With the piece of hope that she clutched

Was she weak or a diamond in the ruff?
Passing her by without looking twice
She knew this life would be tough
But she never got to roll the dice

Succumbed to her controller, she falls short
This won't be her last match
The strength she's building inside will be enough
To make that final catch

The thin, torn strings are starting to break
Soon the puppet will be free of the ache

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