Depression Poems by Teens

Depression Poems by Teens

Painful Poems About Teenage Depression

Depression has become an epidemic amongst the teen population. Some of its prevalence can be blamed on hormonal changes as a teenager matures. However, a primary trigger for depression in teenagers is sadness felt as a result of struggling to get to know one's self and new intense feelings which are being felt for the first time.

73 Poems abut Fighting Depression

  1. 1. Describing Imaginary Things

    • By Katie R.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017

    Many people don't understand that depression isn't just feeling sad: it's a real disorder, and you can't cure it by saying, "Buck up, sweetie." In a way, this poem is meant to show how most people simply don't understand depression and how people with it feel. A friend of mine was diagnosed with depression, and one night she desperately tried to explain to me what it was like. I was shocked by what I didn't understand. The poem was born from that and told in her perspective.

    Poem Describing How Depression Feels

    "I'm tired," I say,
    "That's all."
    And in a way, I guess it's true.
    In every other way,
    It's a lie.

    Tonight you ask me
    What depression feels like.
    I think, then tell you
    That it's sort of like
    Slowly clicking up a roller coaster hill,
    Waiting and waiting to peak,
    But never reaching the top.

    You seem confused
    But don't ask anything else.
    Soon enough you're gossiping about
    How that girl we know got pregnant.
    You don't understand that
    I am still climbing that godforsaken hill.

    People call me heartless,
    I wonder if they realize
    How difficult it is to function
    When you're not sure if you even exist.

    And here I am,
    Dodging your politely, forcefully concerned gaze,
    As you ask me what's wrong.
    "I'm tired," I say,
    "That's all."

    I wish I could explain depression to you
    Once again and scream about
    How I wish I could feel anything.
    Do you really want to know what depression is like?
    Depression is like having a disinterested corpse
    Skillfully stowed in the shell of my body.

    "You seem so sad lately.
    Can't you at least pretend to care?"
    Oh, honey, if you only knew.
    You ramble on about this and that,
    But I'm no longer listening.
    You could dig for centuries
    And never strike my dying core.

    And THAT, my innocent, naive fool,
    Is what depression feels like.

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  3. 2. You Don't Understand

    • By Alkiera
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    My mum suffered years of abuse and depression, so when I realized I was depressed, I thought she would be supportive and would understand. Instead, she screamed at me and wouldn't even listen when I tried to this poem is about me just learning to deal with the fact that my family isn't there for me, but I know my friends always will be, no matter what.

    To Parents Who Don't Care

    You don't understand,
    you never do.
    I try to explain,
    but I can't get through to you.

    I tell you the truth
    that I feel so depressed,
    but you say I'm okay.
    I thought you would know best.

    So I sit in my room,
    locked in my personal hell,
    while you pretend it's all good
    and I do as well.

    But I'm not okay,
    and my friends know that, too,
    but you can't seem to see
    what is right in front of you.

    You say it's a phase,
    blame my friends for it all,
    but you don't understand
    that this is not their fault.

    I can't live like this.
    I can't live this life,
    and as much as I tried,
    I can't end it with a knife.

    I know you've been through this,
    that you ached so much more,
    but I can't help but wonder
    don't you know me at all!?

    I thought you would get it,
    why I'm acting this way,
    but you don't listen
    to what I have to say.

    You just ignore me,
    pretend I'm alright.
    I want this to end.
    I feel like I might...

    but I'm not as strong
    as I'd like to be,
    so I'll act all normal
    while I wait patiently

    for my time to come
    and I hope that it's soon.
    My friends understand;
    I wish you could, too.

    But you don't understand,
    and I know it's not fair,
    but sometimes I feel
    like you don't even care.

    I feel all alone,
    but I know that's not true.
    I have all my friends,
    but I wish I had you.

    I know with my friends
    I'll make it through this,
    even though it feels like
    my life's falling to bits.

    You don't understand.
    You never do,
    but I hope with their help
    I can make it through.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I, too, lost my father in an accident, so I guess I can relate in some way.. But I'm not claiming to completely understand how you feel. Only you know...

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  5. 3. I'm The One To Blame

    • By Rayne
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016

    Depression is really hurtful. Every time I try to explain the pain, I can never put it into words. I have been dealing with depression my entire childhood. I pretend to be a fun loving girl with all my friends, but all the pain is buried inside me. I know that I cannot blame anyone for the way my soul turned against me, but someday I'm going to find the reason why I turned out the way I did.

    What Other People Can't See

    I smile and laugh wildly, having fun with my friends.
    They don't know what huge lie I have to pretend.
    To my friends, I'm the funny girl who's so full of life.
    They don't know how many times I'd held a bloody knife.
    To them, I'm the girl who loves to strut down the street.
    They don't know that I feel so incomplete.
    To my friends, my laughter can spread.
    They don't know that inside, my happiness is dead.
    To my friends, my smile can brightened up their day.
    They don't know I've shut my feelings away.
    I'm locked in a prison, one I cannot escape,
    A place my soul is repeatedly raped.
    In the prison, there is no love, there is no spark.
    I'm all alone, tired, desperate, and left in the dark.
    In the dark, there is a monster waiting painfully for the kill.
    The danger sends out a terrifying chill.
    I've faced the monster before, so I know its disguise.
    My spirit breaks down further, silently releasing its cries.
    I knows it's no one's fault; I'm the one to blame,
    Because I'm the only one who's causing myself this pain.

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    They say "be happy." Do you really think I want to be happy? I do, but the cruel people in the world hate me. I try and try and try. But I always just let go. All my friends are so happy...

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  6. 4. I'm Tired

    I wrote this poem when I was in 6th grade when I started to fall into depression. As things got worse, I kept changing the poem, and now this is what I have left. I think many people can relate to this.

    Poem About What Suffering From Depression Feels Like

    I'm tired.
    Tired of the constancy,
    the constancy of judgment.
    Tired of hiding,
    hiding who I really am.
    Tired of trying to stay strong.

    I'm tired.
    Tired of pretending,
    pretending to be happy when all I want to do is cry.
    Tired of not being able to let go,
    let go of all the pain and emotions that consume me.
    Tired of feeling worthless.

    I'm tired.
    Tired of being put down,
    put down by the people I felt closest to.
    Tired of dreaming,
    dreaming of a life I will never have.
    Tired of not being good enough.

    I'm tired.
    Tired of remembering,
    remembering how I used to be so happy.
    Tired of the blame,
    the blame I put on myself daily.
    Tired of the anger.

    I'm tired.
    Tired of crying,
    crying in the shower so nobody can hear.
    Tired of the fear,
    the fear of being judged, hurt, and alone.
    Tired of failing.

    I'm tired.
    Tired of holding on when all I want to do is give up.
    Tired of being tired.
    Tired of being me.

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    I lived in an abusive household for the first nine years of my life. Suffering sexual assault, beatings, starvation, all at the hands of the people who were supposed to protect me. When I was...

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  7. 5. I'm Dying On The Inside

    • By Ashley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    I'm unhappy, but nobody can tell. I hide it.

    You see a smile on the outside,
    But that's all you can see.
    What if tears run down my face on the inside?

    You hear a laugh on the outside,
    But that's all you can hear.
    What if I'm crying out for help on the inside?

    You smell the scent I wear every day on the outside,
    But that's all you can smell.
    What if it smells of death on the inside?

    You feel soft, smooth skin on the outside,
    But that's all you feel.
    What if I'm being torn apart on the inside?

    You taste sweet lips kissing you on the outside,
    But that's all you can taste.
    What if my lips taste of blood on the inside?

    You can tell I'm happy on the outside,
    But what if you can't tell I'm dying on the inside?

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    This is my poem of the day because I feel the same way. My boyfriend and I were going through drama, and he think it's okay for him not to say how I feel about it, but it hurts me deep inside...

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  8. 6. The Girl In The Corner

    • By Kaylee Everhaert
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017

    Hello, I'm Kaylee, and I am suffering from major depression. This is a poem I wrote about a week ago. It was one of my really bad days, and no one seemed to notice, so I went to a corner with a pen and paper and ended up writing a poem about how I felt. I hope you can understand what I mean by this poem.

    When No One Notices

    There is a girl who sits in the corner.
    Her heart is crying out.
    There are people all around her,
    But no one seems to hear her shout.

    Her life was once happy,
    Full of love and care.
    She was always laughing.
    There was always someone there,

    But now her life seems empty.
    What's missing, she doesn't know.
    She wears a mask every day.
    Her true feelings she doesn't show.

    Her once colorful and cheerful life
    Has turned so dull and grey.
    She once enjoyed her group of friends;
    Now she just wishes them away.

    For when she is by herself,
    She can break free from her shell.
    She can let the unhappiness break free
    And unleash the devil from hell.

    Because at the end of the day,
    When everyone's in their beds asleep,
    The misery surrounds her,
    And the pain, it cuts so deep.

    She wants somebody to listen,
    Someone to understand.
    But when she opens up,
    Nobody wants to lend a hand.

    So she waits until the sun finally sets
    To open up once more.
    This time it's no longer in words,
    But it results in terrible sores.

    These sores cry their tears at night.
    The tears aren't transparent but a deathly red.
    As they cry, she feels a release
    From the terrible pain in her head.

    Some people would say she is crazy.
    Some people would say she is mad,
    But she can't resist the temptation when it arrives,
    Even though she knows it's bad.

    No one will ever understand this urge.
    It's something she can't explain.
    She feels shame for the scars on her body
    But always ends up doing it again.

    You see, this girl is a victim
    Of something she can't comprehend.
    Deep in her heart she knows she must stop,
    For her life she doesn't want to end.

    But for now it's the only way she knows
    To stop feeling the loss of love and care,
    Because at the moment she's invisible.
    No one notices she's there.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Hi Kaylee,
    You have no idea how much help your poem, your expression of your own pain, is bringing to all these other people who share in how you feel. Writing and poetry were always a way...

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  9. 7. The Monster

    I struggle with depression, and I tried to see a way that would give it justice. I didn't want to give this disease power, but I need to write it down, so this is how I feel.

    The Monster Called Depression

    If I showed my true colors, what would society think?
    Would they laugh, show pity, or read the ink?

    I'm exhausted from smiling every single day
    When I know the pain won't just go away.

    Every night I cannot sleep
    Because my thoughts run so deep.

    They went out for a stroll
    But got sucked into a black hole.

    My focus is no longer there, anywhere.
    I don't know why I'm like this, I swear.

    It seems like I'm just well-dressed.
    That just means how much I'm stressed.

    My friends all laugh and hang around.
    You don't need water to be drowned.

    This darkness beneath consumes my mind.
    It's like I'm living my life blind.

    On the outside I'm holding it together,
    But it's as unpredictable as the weather.

    "How are you?" "I'm fine."
    But the truth lies between the lines.

    It's like being on Mars and trying to breathe air.
    When they talk about the future, I don't really care.

    You say to suck it up and to be strong,
    But little do you know what exactly is wrong.

    My life is forever altered because of this.
    That cheerful 5 year old is who I miss.

    This is war; you either win or die trying.
    You speak the truth or continue lying.

    The changes were all so very subtle; I don't blame you for not seeing,
    But what you don't understand is that I'm a human being.

    The truth is you wouldn't last if this was in your brain,
    But I've found a way to numb the pain.

    I have to fight my mind every single second,
    But that's only because this thing had beckoned.

    I wouldn't ever choose to feel this way; these were the cards I was dealt.
    My only wish is that more people would understand how we felt.

    Sometimes a glimpse of wonder wanders on over,
    But it's as rare as finding a four leaf clover.

    Monsters don't live under our beds.
    They scream inside of our heads.

    Still I live with hope that one day I will win.
    I will defeat the monster that's under my skin.

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    I love this poem. It touches every emotion you feel when you’re depressed. I have suffered from depression for a long time and have been hiding behind a mask. I go to school every day with a...

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  10. 8. Happy Girl

    • By Anjali Velani
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2017

    I started feeling depressed when I was 8 years old. At first I didn't know why I felt so down all the time, but as I grew up I started to realize that it wasn't normal. So I decided to hide my depression and promised myself that I would always keep smiling, no matter what. As I grew older, that promise became harder and harder to keep. I am now 13 years old and still dealing with depression. I wrote this poem originally when I was 10 and found it recently, so I edited it and decided to put it up here.

    Dealing With Depression On Your Own

    When you look at me,
    What do you see?
    Do you glimpse a happy girl,
    Or do you see the real me?

    Most people see the happy girl
    Who laughs at everything,
    Whose smile will never falter
    And has everything life could give.

    But if you look closer,
    You'll see the real me,
    The girl who cries in corners
    And has forgotten how to feel.

    This girl has fought a war,
    A war against herself.
    This girl is a murderer;
    She killed her former self.

    This girl is drowning,
    Suffocating in her thoughts.
    Her eyes hold a silent plea,
    A plea that no one sees.

    For everyone is distracted,
    Distracted by the happy girl,
    The girl who always smiles.
    Even when she cries for help,
    They never see her tears.

    Please look past the happy girl.
    Reach out,
    Take off her mask,
    And if you do,
    Wipe her tears
    And take the blade out of her grasp.

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    Heart touching poem. I've suffered from severe depression since I was 12. I am 15 now, and I understand how it feels. It might be different as well. Most presume males don't go through this,...

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  11. 9. Who They Wanted Her To Be

    • By Mn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2014

    This is my poem about what it is like to live in a world as a depressed teenager where everyone is trying to instruct you on how to feel and behave.

    The Harsh Truth Of Life With Depression

    She took a deep breath.
    She counted to three,
    A picture in her head
    Of who they wanted me to be.

    They wanted her to be normal,
    Happy and kind.
    They never thought
    That this girl would be blind.

    Not blind by the meaning
    But blind in the heart.
    Blinded by darkness,
    Blinded by dark.

    She walks around lifeless,
    Her heart beating but dead.
    A walking corpse,
    She is lost inside her head.

    Things have no meaning,
    At least not anymore.
    She was not how she was,
    How she was once before.

    She is one of the living
    But one of the dead.
    A part of her is missing;
    She hangs on by a thread.

    She hung her head low,
    Took one final bow.
    She stepped off the edge
    Saying one final vow.

    "I will not change who I am.
    As hard as any of you try,
    This is me giving up;
    This is one last goodbye."

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    This poem breaks my heart and soul. I am hurting in my heart for you, but also for my own daughter. After several years of living in complete misery and isolation, my children and myself are...

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  12. 10. The Shell

    I just want to make this clear: this poem does NOT describe my life. I wrote this because I know people out there have this heavy, weakening weight on their shoulders, and they shouldn't have to deal with it alone.

    The One Who Sees The Real Me

    I know so many people,
    But do they know me?
    They recognize the face,
    but that's all they ever see.

    They see the shell they think is me,
    but they don't see the stuff inside,
    the things that are buried,
    the things I try to hide.

    There are things under the
    makeup, clothes, and the style.
    There are secrets hidden
    under that big phony smile.

    Inside, my heart
    is thundering like a storm,
    and if I were to break,
    it'd come pouring like a swarm.

    I dwell where it's dark,
    wet, and cold,
    and I think many thoughts
    that nobody knows.

    Then there's that one person
    who in my soul can shine a light
    and discover all sins
    hidden in my eyes.

    He comforts, he cautions,
    and I say, "Don't tell."
    He is the one who knows me,
    the me under the Shell.

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    This really touched me because this describes me almost perfectly. I am someone who has to hide who I am, and there was only one person I didn't have to hide myself with. That person sadly...

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  13. 11. Nobody Knows

    • By Emily
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2010

    Sometimes, times can very hard. To get through those times, I write. It's the best way to express feelings. Honestly, I think this poem is pretty self explanatory.

    Nobody knows how different I am
    The outside of me is not afraid
    Not full of pain, or even ashamed
    I smile and all of those ignorant fools believe
    Of course nothing could be wrong with me
    My eyes are dry, I do not shed tears
    For that gift was taken away from me dear
    I laugh and talk and play along
    Keep on existing as if nothing's wrong

    Nobody knows how different I am
    The inside of me is hollow and empty
    Do not fret my dear, for I do not want your pity
    I'm tattered and broken beyond repair
    My heart is crumbling and full of despair
    I'm bloodied and beaten and not really living
    I just go through the motions and continue existing
    I'm scared and lost, clueless as can be
    Is there no one out there to help me

    Nobody knows how different I am
    And that will never change

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    Death, pain, sorrow, these are the things that most of us know. Very few of us know what true love is like or have even had a first kiss, yet we've all felt pain, or is it just me who feels...

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  14. 12. Tiauna

    I wrote this poem for my best friend, Tiauna, when she tried to tell me nothing was wrong with her, but I saw the emptiness in her eyes. She was able to fool everyone around her: her family, teachers, people at church, and people at school. But she could never fool me. I wrote this to let her know that someone saw beneath the smile and that I was here for her even in her darkest days. Even when nobody else could tell she was hurting, I was going to be there for her.

    A Girl Who Pretends To Be Happy

    She couldn't help but realize
    That she was slowly starting to change.
    Maybe it was the look hidden in her eyes
    Or her actions becoming so strange.

    When she looked in the mirror,
    It all started to tilt,
    Her outlook on reality,
    To the way she was starting to feel.

    But if someone asked her, "Are you okay?"
    She would smile and say, "I'm fine."
    She knew deep down she was breaking inside,
    But she just continued to lie.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I can relate to you. My best friend was going through the same thing.

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  15. 13. Chasing Sunsets

    • By Natalie Grace
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2016

    I lived with undiagnosed depression and anxiety for four years. After treatment, I am having many more good days, but people assume that bad days don't come anymore. People assume that one bad day means I'm relapsing. Bad days come. They will always come. Yet it's different now. Yes, thoughts of vanishing and escaping this life come to mind, but Hope is stronger. There are moments of tomorrow that are worth living for.

    Unknown Struggle With Depression

    Having depression and anxiety is like being thrown into a raging, surging ocean
    When you don't know how to swim.
    Meanwhile, the whole world expects you to keep swimming forward,
    To keep excelling and moving onward in this thing called life.

    But you feel like you're dying.
    You're gasping for air.
    Every breath is a struggle.
    Your feet can't touch the floor.
    You feel all alone,
    Waves crash over your head and pummel you with water.
    You want to give up the fight to stay afloat.

    Help comes in the form of pills.
    They become your floatation device.
    You're no longer relying on sheer willpower to stay alive.
    Now at least you won't drown,
    But you still don't know how to swim.

    Therapy teaches you how to swim.
    Soon you are swimming forward again.

    Yet even with the best swimming lessons and floaties...
    The. Waves. Still. Come.
    Bad days still exist and people don't understand.

    They assume that you should be all better.
    They assume that one bad day means you're relapsing.
    You feel ashamed of your bad days,
    Like you have to hide them,
    But those people just don't understand the journey.

    You're still trying to swim forward when waves and currents and rapids are against you.
    There's a constant battle going on in your mind.
    No wonder you're so tired all the time.
    No wonder bad days come sometimes.
    Days when getting out of bed is a struggle
    And all you want to do is stay under the covers.

    But you don't, because the world is waiting for you to show your face.
    You choose to get up and take a shower.
    You make breakfast and put salt and pepper on your eggs.
    You cling to the warmth of your cup of coffee.
    You take in the slim amount of theology your brain can handle.
    You watch the sun rise and chase the sunset.
    You remind yourself who you are.

    Bad days still come.
    Bad days will come.
    But it's different now.
    You still feel like you want to die.
    You still wish you could.

    But Hope's voice is louder,
    And Grace's streams run deeper.
    Tomorrow might be better.
    Tomorrow is already full of new mercies.
    Tomorrow there are moments you want to live for.
    Sunsets you want to chase,
    People you want to hug,
    Laughs you want to share and tears you want to cry.
    Memories you want to make,
    Deep conversations you want to have,
    Sand you want to squish between your toes,
    Presence you want to live in,
    Favorite foods you want to savor and coffee you want to drink.
    Pancakes you want to flip,
    Music you want to get lost in,
    Gifts you want to give,
    Love you want to find.

    So you choose to keep swimming.
    You choose grace.
    You choose to remember who you are,
    Because brighter days are coming.
    His mercies are new every morning.
    There are more sunsets to chase,
    And someday you will breathe again.

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    I am 17 years old and have been struggling with depression and anxiety for six years. The people who notice don't care enough to help me get help. I would love just for a day to get a...

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  16. 14. I Have A Secret

    • By Stephanie Croston
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014

    When I wrote this poem, I was depressed. That was my secret. Being a teen and having depression isn't the easiest thing to talk to people about. So instead of talking about my problem, I wrote poems to help me get through everything.

    Not Being Able To Talk About Depression

    I have a secret.
    It tears me apart
    Each and every day,
    Making its way to my heart.
    I have a secret,
    Something I cannot destroy.
    You can't mess around,
    Because this secret is not a toy.
    I have a secret
    I can no longer control,
    Every so often
    Making damage its toll.
    I have a secret,
    It keeps me awake at night.
    Sometimes I can't sleep,
    Because of all the fright.
    I have a secret
    That's killing me inside,
    Keeping the real me
    Locked away to hide.
    I have a secret
    That's making me die.
    I'm not getting well.
    But the worst part is
    I have a secret
    That I cannot tell.

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    I had a similar story to this. I suffer from depression myself. It’s all right to get emotional and let everything out. I’m still going through my depression. I have been for 12 years now,...

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  17. 15. No More

    • By Caroline
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016

    I was depressed and wanted to go through no more, so I wrote this poem, intending for it to be a song.

    Poem About Not Wanting Depression Anymore

    My eyes are heavy,
    My mind is sore.
    I don't think
    I can take this anymore.

    My outer core
    Seems happy, while
    My inner core
    Feels so sore.

    My head and heart
    Are fighting a war.
    It's so hard living
    At death's door.

    My eyes are heavy,
    My mind is sore,
    But now I know
    I will fight once more.

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  18. 16. All I Feel Is Darkness

    • By Lindsay
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017

    I have been battling with depression for about a month now, and every day get up I feel like I have to reassure myself I'm gonna be okay just so I can go to school. I decided to write this because writing calms me down and makes me want to stop cutting.

    Darkness closes in around me
    As I lay my head to sleep,
    Thinking of the sadness that I weep.
    Every tear shed is a fear forgotten.
    Broken but trying, I pick up the pieces of shattered emotions,
    Hoping for a distraction to mask my pain.
    As a single teardrop cascades down my cheek,
    I put my mind at ease and sleep.

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    I'm her, but I'm not. I am the one who walks in the halls with a smile and a giggle...but i'm not. The girl who was so sure of her future, the girl who would sneak the sun inside for a short...

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  19. 17. The Beginning

    • By Blackrose7
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017

    I had been struggling with depression for a couple of years. This is how I felt when I first noticed it.

    The Start Of Depression

    He whispered to her one day, Depression did.
    She was just reading in her room when
    He creeped up and whispered in her ear,
    "No one loves you."
    She tried to shake it off.

    He hit her one day, Depression did.
    She was just sitting in her room when
    He took his fist and hit her in the heart.
    "No one cares about you," he whispered.
    So hurt by this, she went to bed early.

    He fooled her one day, Depression did.
    She was lying under her blankets when
    He lied down next to her.
    "No one loves or cares about you, but I do," he whispered.
    She sunk further inside her blankets.

    He visited her every day now, Depression did,
    Telling her his secrets and hitting her in the heart.
    She felt suffocated, like she was drowning in sadness,
    But she let him in again and again.

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    This is very well written. The message here can also be associated with any addiction. It's just how it works. You shut it out for ages, you struggle every day, then when you're not on your...

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  20. 18. The Mask

    • By Kasi
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2009

    A poem written by a teen who had most everything yet was still very, very depressed. She was hopelessly afraid to tell her parents, even though they probably would have been very understanding. She had this problem for a few years.

    I'm great, fine, spectacular. In a way
    I relish every night, and I live every day.
    I live, I laugh, I write, I sing.
    I wonder what the new days will bring.

    Then I get home, and I take off the mask.
    The day, and almost impossible task,
    is finally over, so I lie down
    and wait patiently for the day that I die.

    I cry, I scream, I bawl, and sleep,
    even though I have promises to keep.
    I wait, and wonder, and cry some more,
    and I ache and burn from my very core.

    Then I'm not alone, and the mask reappears:
    out goes the grief, pain, and all of the tears,
    as I am a happy person, cheerful all the day.
    A world full of rainbow, not one shade of grey.

    Of course I'm not okay, I'm not fine,
    no matter how much I seem to shine.
    I don't even know why I feel this...
    why my existence is one long, endless abyss.

    But it is and will be, so I cling to life,
    as one day I might slip and end it with a knife.
    But I'm still here, no matter what my dreams might say,
    and I hope that one day I will actually be okay.

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    Yeah, I know depression sucks. I put on a mask, and when I get home I break down, wanting to die. It hurts going through school pretending to be okay, and when someone asks if you're okay,...

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  21. 19. I'll Keep It Hidden

    • By Miika
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2010

    My name is Miika and I am nearly 13. I can never tell my parents how I feel because I tried once but they just didn't believe me. I needed to tell someone, so I wrote this.

    Poem On Hiding Depression From Parents

    My world is falling, crumbling apart,
    life is meaningless, and that's just the start.

    My heart's so sore, I can feel it breaking,
    I swear it leaves me shaking.

    Late at night till early in the morning, lying in bed eyes wide open. Didn't sleep last night, like all the others,
    instead I just lie crying in the covers.

    Quick, wipe away all the tears before they come near.
    Must hide this depression and the feelings of fear.

    For all they know I'm happy and always smiling,
    but deep inside my soul is dying.

    I can feel it rotting; it wants to scream,
    but I won't let it... not for the time being.

    I can never tell them how I feel
    'cause the happiness I wear to them is real.

    For them to hear that I wish I was dead...
    it would kill them, they'd be filled with dread.

    So I'll try my best not to be selfish.
    I'll keep my secret hidden and just let them rest.

    But I can't take it much longer...
    I'll probably be dead before they even wonder.

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    I am the parent of a 16 year old son who took his own life. Please hear me out. You're not alone. You should tell someone. We parents care more than you know. When a teen takes their life, it...

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  22. 20. Inside

    • By Annie Porter
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016

    I've been depressed for about 2 years now, and no one found it out on their own. I had to tell them. I don't understand how they couldn't have seen it. This poem is about how I felt and what people should've seen.

    You Didn't See The Truth In My Eyes

    The lies I tell,
    the truth I cry,
    the secrets I keep,
    they're locked up inside.
    No one will know
    the hidden side of me,
    how I got so low,
    how I got this deep.
    The people that saw,
    the ones that didn't,
    they all knew,
    they just didn't listen.
    I wanted them to ask,
    to know they cared,
    to know they heard
    my silent cries of sadness
    that didn't subside.
    But they chose to look away,
    to pretend like nothing was wrong.
    But the cuts I made,
    the blood that fell,
    the smile I faked,
    they were all signs
    that I was not okay.
    If they saw past my words,
    nothing really ever came out.
    The answer was in my eyes.
    They say everything I feel inside.

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    It's a poem that truly tells my story. Some friends of mine still don't notice that I am depressed. While in my classroom, I hide my tears. But when someone notices me, I quickly dry them up....

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