Depression Poems by Teens

Poems About Teenage Depression

Depression has become an epidemic amongst the teen population. Some of its prevalence can be blamed on hormonal changes as a teenager matures. However, a primary trigger for depression in teenagers is sadness felt as a result of struggling to get to know one's self and new intense feelings which are being felt for the first time.

Poems abut Fighting Depression


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  1. The Monster

    The Monster Called Depression

    If I showed my true colors, what would society think?
    Would they laugh, show pity, or read the ink?

    I'm exhausted from smiling every single day

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    This poem really hit home for me. I struggle with depression, too, and I haven't told anyone. I am afraid of what they will do and how they react. In essence, I'm afraid of revealing all of...

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  3. The Girl In The Corner

    • By Kaylee Everhaert
    • Published: January 2017
    When No One Notices

    There is a girl who sits in the corner.
    Her heart is crying out.
    There are people all around her,
    But no one seems to hear her shout.

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    This is what many teens face every day. It's like we are breaking apart. Everything is drifting apart. Most people say, “I know how it feels,” but they don’t always think about this line...

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  4. Who They Wanted Her To Be

    • By Mn
    • Published: August 2014
    The Harsh Truth Of Life With Depression

    She took a deep breath,
    She counted to three,
    A picture in her head,
    Of who they wanted me to be.

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    Every word the writer wrote really touched me. I'm actually experiencing this kind of depression. I hate when somebody tells me what to do with my life.

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  6. The Mask

    • By Kasi
    • Published: November 2009

    I'm great, fine, spectacular. In a way
    I relish every night, and I live every day.
    I live, I laugh, I write, I sing,
    I wonder what the new days will bring.

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    This poem is me and how I've been living for the past 20 years. How many more years do I have to go?

  7. You Don't Understand

    • By Alkiera
    • Published: March 2011
    To Parents Who Don't Care

    You don't understand,
    you never do.
    I try to explain,
    but I can't get through to you.

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    I understand completely. It's a true poem. I lived a life without a father for 12 years, and when he decided to come back, he acted like I was his enemy. He never complemented me. My father...

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  8. Wrist Cutter

    • By Grecia
    • Published: August 2011

    I slit my wrist to erase the pain,
    you look at me, and think I'm insane,
    my eyes turn red, bleeding my tears,
    and still you try to protect me from my worst fears....

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    This touched me deeply. My brother was murdered by his great uncle at the age of 15. He was also molested by him. His great uncle tried to make it look like he killed himself. I was 13 at the...

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  10. Lost

    • By Thalia
    • Published: November 2008
    Pain Poem

    What do you call it when all you feel is pain?
    When your loved ones look at you and all you feel is shame?
    When you're tired of living and playing this game?
    When you know your life is meaningless and you're the only one to blame?

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    Sadly, nowadays that's how a good bit of the world's population describes how they feel and the thoughts on their emotional state about their life in general. It's sad. It's NOT you it's...

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  11. I'm The One To Blame

    What Other People Can't See

    I smile and laugh wildly, having fun with my friends.
    They don't know what huge lie I have to pretend.
    To my friends, I'm the funny girl who's so full of life.
    They don't know how many times I'd held a bloody knife.

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    They say "be happy." Do you really think I want to be happy? I do, but the cruel people in the world hate me. I try and try and try. But I always just let go. All my friends are so happy...

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  12. Nobody Knows

    • By Emily
    • Published: August 2010

    Nobody knows how different I am
    The outside of me is not afraid
    Not full of pain, or even ashamed
    I smile and all of those ignorant fools believe

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    I am the same way. Even though I'm a nice guy, I end up with friends who don't care. I have never attempted suicide, nor will I ever. I just need someone to spout my feelings on without being...

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  13. I'll Keep It Hidden

    • By Miika
    • Published: November 2010
    Poem On Hiding Depression From Parents

    My world is falling, crumbling apart, life is meaningless & that's just the start
    My hearts so sore, I can feel it breaking & I swear to god it leaves me shaking
    Late at night till early in the morning, lying in bed eyes wide open. Didn't sleep last night, like all the others, instead I just lie crying in the covers
    Quick, wipe away all the tears before they come near. must hide this depression & the feelings of fear...

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    I'm an 11-year-old girl. I have depression and anxiety. I tried to tell my mom that I have depression. She's Catholic, and she thinks I'm pretending. I don't know what to do. I think about...

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