Courage Poem by Teens

Poem About Never Giving Up On Life

This poem means that I will not give up on life because of the challenges I face. I think this message is very strong, and I hope many people struggling can relate to these feelings. In this poem I admit that times are hard, but I come to the conclusion that I can't and I won't give up. No matter what life throws in my way.

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I Won't


Published: November 2017

As long as I can remember I've been wrong.
Everyone always saying I have to be strong.
Everything inside myself tells me to give in,
Trying not to look where I've already been.

This feeling is so numb that you just can't shake.
You really start to wonder how long it will take.

The worst part is when you think you're fine
But you know that it's only a matter of time.

No one can tell you the cause of the pain.
You're like water flowing down an empty drain.

Somewhere in the world is another voice
Who feels that they also don't have a choice.

There is no denying that it's compared to air.
Similarly it happens to always be there.

I look around at others who are effortlessly okay,
But I sense my wires starting to fray.

Tending to feel more intensely at night.
That's when I take out my pen to write.

The wind against my window and rain from the sky.
Sometimes I feel so alone I want to lay here and cry.

I don't know why...

Pretending to be brave will have a due date.
The rhythm continues at a constant rate.

A small glimmer of hope comes my way because of you,
Telling me I'm meant for bigger things; that is what I'll do.

One day I'll look back at it all and not hurt anymore.
I'll remember the pain but not feel so sore.

But I won't give into the pressure of this.
It's my old life that I'm seeming to miss.

I won't fall victim to this crime.
I'm strong enough to finish my climb.

Many situations I do regret but cannot fix,
Times I stuck together like newly laid bricks.

Despite all of the things I have done wrong,
I still find reason to believe I'm strong.

I'll let you in on something I will not do.
I won't give up because of you.

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