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    Poems by Kayla

  • Life Is

    • Published: October 2015
    Poem About The Ups And Downs Of Life

    in Meaningful Poems

    Life is great.
    Life is grand.
    Life is your feet
    and toes in the sand.


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    I am a teacher it made me cry and laugh at the same time

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  • Let It Be

    • Published: November 2018

    in Inspirational Poems by Teens

    Let it be.
    Let the voices be silent.
    Let the silence soothe.
    Let it be.


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  • I Wanted I Needed

    • Published: October 2011
    Hurting From A Break Up

    in Hurting Poems by Teens

    I wanted you.
    I wanted us.
    I wanted love.
    I wanted trust....


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    My story in my life was full of struggle. I did my best to make them happy, but why there is something missing. I always smile, but they don't know there some thing pain in my heart.

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  • When Will You Notice Me?

    • Published: September 2011

    in Teen Crush Poems

    What do I have to do to get you to notice me?
    Change my hair, the way I walk?
    My clothes, the way I talk?
    We've known each other for some time now,


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    I really like this guy. He's my brother's best friend, and he's like two years older than me. I don't think he sees me as a girlfriend type because I'm his best friend's sister. Every time I...

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  • I Pledge Allegiance

    • Published: August 2008

    in Funny Poems by Teens

    I pledge allegience to Ms. Royalty
    In the United States of her kingdom
    And to her rules for which it stands
    One princess under God


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    HAHA! This in kind of like a comic strip from Calvin and Hobbes.

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