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    Poems by Keyeria Sowell

  • Sometimes I Feel

    • Published: September 2013
    Poem About Not Giving Up On Love

    in Teen Confused By Love Poems

    Sometimes I feel as if it was bad to fall in love at first sight,
    But other moments it feels like it was just so right.
    Sometimes I feel as if you don't care,
    But other moments it feels like you'll always be there.


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    Love can be complicated sometimes. For me, I have never ever doubted how much I love my wife, even if we're dealing with issues. But I can easily see how, depending on the relationship, love...

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  • True And Genuine

    • Published: July 2012
    Poem About True Friends Always Being Around

    in True Friend Poems


    True and genuine
    You will always be.
    You will always remain a true friend to me.
    When times are bad,


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