Depression Poem

Daughter's Depression

Dedicated to my beautiful daughter who has suffered most of her life with depression. I don't ever want to lose her, so I love her through her pain.

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As I read this poem, I hurt with you. I feel the pain and still do that you do and could only imagine what your mother must of be going through to help you deal with it and trying to...

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My Daughter's Tears

© more by Annabel Sheila

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008 with permission of the Author.

Until it affects someone we love,
We don't even know it's there.
It's really not our problem,
So why should we care.

The statistics are quite shocking,
One in four they say
Will suffer from depression
In their lives one day.

There's not much stigma anymore
For this serious mental flaw.
But no one knows where it will strike,
It's just the luck of the draw.

No one would choose to live with it,
And some don't even try.
I see my daughter suffering
And all she can do is cry.

Most people turn the other cheek,
They've been doing it for years.
But I must face the pain I see,
In my daughter's tears.


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  • Jeanne Follett by Jeanne Follett
  • 7 years ago

As I read this poem, I hurt with you. I feel the pain and still do that you do and could only imagine what your mother must of be going through to help you deal with it and trying to understand it too. I suffer from severe depression and have most of my life, which then turned into bipolar and other things from that. But the depression and manic episodes were the worst. Depression, however, would never let go of me, no matter how many different meds the Drs tried or put together. I still was so down. I was in bed for days at a time, never went out anywhere, didn't care what I looked like, didn't shower, nothing. Only hurt the worst hurt in the world. My family never tried to help me, they stayed away. I was on my own. I fought wars to stay alive, but I made it. I am still suffering with depression. It's been almost 30 years now. But in that time, you will teach yourself how to handle it, well, somewhat. But the hurt and tears you will never be able to explain because you don't know why either.

  • Multi by Multi
  • 7 years ago

I loved it especially because my child is going through depression now. It gave me the strength to face it with her and help her overcome it.

  • Crystal C. Almeida by Crystal C. Almeida
  • 7 years ago

What a trigger, it made me cry. Amazing poem, I loved it. No matter how many times I've tried to explain it to my mother, she never understood and it always ended in a fight. Five years later, I'm 20 years old and it's still the same. I am so glad someone's mommy cares.

  • Munibur by Munibur
  • 10 years ago

I wish my Mother was like this, if she knew this. I really love this poem as it gives sorrow.

  • Julie by Julie, NY
  • 10 years ago

I cried when reading this poem. So often those of us who have a child that suffers from depression/anxiety feel so alone. You want to reach out and make it all go away, but you can't. You can only hope and pray each day that they will see the positive side of life and choose to be happy. I know some may say it's not a choice. But sometimes it can be. I hope and pray someday there will be a true "cure" for depression. Life circumstances will always be there but for those who suffer a chemical imbalance a cure would be great.. <3 for my daughter. Now and forever...

  • Ree by Ree, Aus
  • 9 years ago

I'm a child who suffers from depression (and have a lot of friends who are too), and so wish that someone would reach out. Yes, you may not be able to get rid of it, but sometimes it really helps for a child to know your parent loves you, cares for you and supports you, instead of leaving you alone to your own devices to try and figure it out alone. It's not ever a "choice" to be happy for us. Depression/anxiety is so much more complicated than that. If I could, I would choose to be happy, but... alas, I cannot. I make choices daily to try and be happy, but they seldom work. Sometimes just knowing someone understands we are feeling pain for no reason, cannot control our emotions sometimes, sometimes cry for absolutely no reason at all, feel afraid of things when it makes no sense, etc. can really help to sooth the frustration and pain. Just be there for your daughter regardless, and try to be understanding that it's not a choice we make, it's something so deep and complex that often, yes we can read a thousand books about it to try and understand and yet, it still is nonsensical. A cure would be wonderful, but for now, love, support, and understanding are crucial for anyone suffering with Depression and/or Anxiety.

  • Anna by Anna, USA
  • 10 years ago

I was also depressed and sometimes still am. I got called names and was/am very insecure. Nobody notices it. I am scared to tell anybody. I told one of my close friends about because she knows what has been going on. I pretend I am tough and it does not bother me but I cry when I'm alone. I sent her quotes that I found that describe how I felt/feel.

  • Destiny by Destiny, Missouri
  • 10 years ago

I had depression before. I thought no one loved me and no one cared. I tried killing myself because I thought the only way to end my sadness was to end my life. I am only 11. I've been through a lot and it haunts me every second of every day.

  • Amy Merimbula by Amy Merimbula
  • 10 years ago

I wish my Mother was like this, if she knew. I have severe depression and suicidal thoughts, I'm that kid who wishes they were dead and weren't born. Yet that's me I never smile nor laugh I only wear a mask so no one will see the REAL me. Your poem make me burst into tears, I wish I had a Mother just like yours.

  • Victoria by Victoria
  • 10 years ago

This poem is really nice. I have suffered with varying degrees of depression and eating disorders and self harm and my parents never really noticed because I perfected a mask. Your daughter will be so grateful and I'm sure this poem could even provide a little light for her.

  • Jayne Doe by Jayne Doe, Canada
  • 10 years ago

Beautiful poem. Your daughter is lucky to have you as her Mom. I wish my Mom felt this way....I've been battling depression my whole life...alone.

  • Karthika by Karthika, Kerala
  • 11 years ago

I truely feel this poem is awesome. My life till now has undergone tears and depression till now.. I don't know, I did everything to keep my family happy. I even sacrificed my love and happiness for them;-(..of course they don't know about this because I don't want to make them sad..but still I feel I am alone... DEPRESSED!;-(

I'm a poet myself, but I used to only write because I was depressed. I thought no one cared until I met someone. This person has been like a brother to me and has helped me through the hell that my life used to be. Now I live each day with purpose.

  • Mia by Mia, USA
  • 11 years ago

I love this poem, it made me cry. You are very brave to see and understand.

  • Sammie King by Sammie King
  • 12 years ago

Beautiful poem. I myself am 14 I have suffered from depression for a few years now. My mum has been pretty much my best friend through it all. I have lost many good friends partly because of my depression but my mum has always been there for me.

  • Marylynn Davis by Marylynn Davis
  • 12 years ago

Well I suffer from depression because mainly I feel my mom doesn't show me any attention at all. We don't talk to one another at all ... but I love her but we don't have no connection or relation ..

  • Georgia by Georgia, England
  • 12 years ago

I am 12 and I suffer with depression, I never thought about it until I got it, this poem is so true! I think they should raise awareness of it.

  • Bea by Bea, Philippines
  • 13 years ago

I really love this poem. I hope you know that this poem can really help your daughter and might lighten her up a little bit. Honestly I envy her because she has a mother like you that cares for her and understands her and what she's going through. I am experiencing depression until now (it's milder now) and I've told my parents about it, told them I'm serious but still they're like "do you really know what depression is?" and then when I told them I have most of the symptoms, they're like "that doesn't mean you have depression. You're just making yourself and your life complicated...". so really, it makes me happy, thinking that not all parents are like that. Seriously it's better to fight depression with someone you're really close to than fighting with depression alone. Hope all the best for you and your daughter ^_^

  • Sarah by Sarah, Kentucky
  • 13 years ago

I absolutely love this story. I've experienced depression before and all my parents didn't notice, and I was too scared to tell them because I didn't know if they'd believe me. You're daughter is so lucky you have a mom like you, who noticed the depression and did something about it.

  • Jordan by Jordan, VA
  • 13 years ago

I love this poem because your position reminds me of where my moms at. I'm depressed and no one but my mom has been there with me the whole time even when she's stressed and worried. thank you.

  • Dorothy by Dorothy, Texas
  • 13 years ago

I really like this poem. I went through a pretty bad depression and my parents didn't notice it, or they chose to ignore it, and it took me awhile, but through softball and horses, I finally got out of it. I find this poem touching because it shows someone close to you actually cares.

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