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Life is art drawn without any eraser, and a poem without words, and even though its hard sometimes, you'll make it through your hurt...

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    Poems by Shaydee101

  • Reality

    • Published: July 4, 2018
    Feeling Alone In Thoughts

    in Crying Poems by Teens

    Your crimson tears stay flowing,
    But your singing voice stays calm,
    It's like your catching raindrops,
    They keep their shape while resting in your palms.

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  • Another Breakdown

    • Published: April 2018
    Experiencing A Breakdown

    in Teen Mental Illness Poems

    It's hard when you're always lying,
    Always hiding the way you feel.
    Losing your sight on truthful words,
    Forgetting what is real.

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    This is a wonderful poem that really provides such a descriptive insight into what a person suffering from mental illness endures. I love the rhythm and rhyme of your poems and the simplicity...

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  • You...

    • Published: April 2018
    An Abusive Relationship That Caused Depression

    in Abuse Poems by Teens

    Your words to me are weakness.
    They slay me to the ground.
    Sometimes you make me feel lost,
    Though I'm wishing I were found.

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  • One Day

    • Published: April 2018
    One Day He'll Miss You

    in Moving On Poems

    One day you're gonna see her,
    But she won't be looking at you.
    One day you'll feel like she did,
    And you won't know what to do.

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  • Tiauna

    • Published: April 2018
    A Girl Who Pretends To Be Happy

    in Depression Poems by Teens

    She couldn't help but realize
    That she was slowly starting to change.
    Maybe it was the look hidden in her eyes
    Or her actions becoming so strange.

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  • Shaydee A. Ault
  • 1 year ago

I am so sorry for your loss. And I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you and your wife keep your heads up. Everything is gonna be ok. You're strong and there are brighter days coming.

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  • Shaydee A. Ault
  • 1 year ago

Thank you. This made my heart smile when I read it, and my heart goes out to you. Spirituality is an important part of my life as well.

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  • Shaydee A. Ault
  • 1 year ago

Thank you so much. That really means a lot to me. I try to write my poetry in a way that the readers feel as if they're really feeling what the person in the poem feels, as if you can put yourself into their shoes and see things as they see and feel it in the poem. My poetry is always written as if it's through another person's eyes, and I like to read them and feel what they feel. It's like I'm their reflection in a mirror and I really feel and understand what they're doing and how they see everything. Almost like looking through a looking glass into someone else's emotions.

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