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Poems about Feelings

Some teenagers think that showing feelings is a sign of weakness. However, the contrary is true. Those people that have the courage to share their feelings with their peers are likely to have healthier, happier, and longer lasting relationships. Teens and adolescents often have feelings of an intense nature that are difficult to handle. Teens may be embarrassed, thinking that there is something wrong with the feelings that they have. I have three words for you, share, share, and share.


Realizing Reality

Poem About What's On The Inside That Counts

We have been told all our lives
It's what's on the inside that matters
Until one day when beauty becomes everything
When you're told you're not pretty enough to do something
When you're told you're not beautiful enough to love someone
Being beautiful becomes part of your life
Putting makeup on so maybe they will love you
Wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable so you will fit in

Then there's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Where people hide to get away from their pain
Adding filters to their pictures
Photoshopping their face so they look acceptable
You feel good behind that screen
Dancing in a puddle of comments on how beautiful you are
Drawing in hundreds of likes
You feel positive now

Until you have to turn back to reality
When no one at school calls you pretty
No one compliments how you look
Going back and forth thinking you're pretty and then you're not

Then you meet that one person who changes everything
They're not popular, nor do they fit in
But they show you that there is much more than being pretty or beautiful
You finally take a deep breath and let your hair down
It's finally time to realize that looks don't matter
It's what's on the inside that counts



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