Abuse Poem by Teens

An Abusive Relationship That Caused Depression

This poem is about an abusive relationship I was in for 8 months. This poem represents the pain and the confusion I went through and the pain that came with it. In the end, I finally had to let go.

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© more by Shaydee A. Ault

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2018 with permission of the Author.

Your words to me are weakness.
They slay me to the ground.
Sometimes you make me feel lost,
Though I'm wishing I were found.

Your voice to me is quicksand,
So soft yet full of danger.
Sometimes you start out happy,
But in the end you're filled with anger.

Your eyes to me are icy,
So beautiful yet so hard.
Sometimes I pray to fix you,
But some people are just too scarred.

Your fist to me is deadly,
So powerful yet deserved.
It makes me question your love for me,
And my tears feel like they burn.

My love for you is toxic,
So enchanting yet so wrong.
Sometimes I feel I'm drowning.
I feel like I'm going.

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