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A young girl compares life to a rose.

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This is a touching poem. I love it very much!

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A Thorny Rose


Published: February 2006

Our life is like a thorny rose
Not perfect, but always beautiful
The thorns represent the hardships in our lives.
The delicate red petals represent the fun and beautiful things in our lives.
As a young rose the petals hugging around the seed
are the family and friends who protect, love, and care for us.



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  • by Matt Douglass
  • 3 months ago

This is a touching poem. I love it very much!

  • by Parjyapti Naik
  • 1 year ago

Lovely Poem. Life means struggling. We know we may seem like a rose, but some thorns are our weaknesses. Let's forget all the awkward moments and smile like a rose accepting the thorns for a while.

  • by James Abernathy, Utah
  • 2 years ago

This poem touched my soul spiritually. I feel connected to my inner woman. I'm so glad somebody wrote this poem for me to read.

  • by Barbara
  • 2 years ago

That is great. I'm glad you have found your inner woman.

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