Breaking Up Poem

When Your Love Leaves You

Smooth sailing one day, but then you're left stranded by the one you love and trust the most. The moments we had were perfect, and they couldn't have been any better. But all good comes to an end. And this is what my poem is about.
And if you ever read this Jen, thank you for everything. You truly gave me the happiest moments of my life. You showed me how happy I could be and the potential I had. Thank you.

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From the bottom of my soul, I truly feel that we are meant to be. I will love and cherish you. Till death do us part. I'm telling you all this from the bottom of my heart. Right now it...

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All Good Things Come To An End

© more by Greg Thung

Published by Family Friend Poems May 2016 with permission of the Author.

All good things come to an end,
Even the gifts that God sends,

Like her, the angel He sent from above
who was the one person I truly loved.

She changed everything and made my life worthwhile.
She was the only one who could make me smile.

She really doesn't understand how much she means.
I'll never be as happy as I've been.

She was my heart and my soul,
She filled me with joy and made me whole.

She was my world, my greatest treasure.
I loved her so much that it couldn't be measured.

I remember every kiss and touch.
All our memories I miss so much.

I wish we could go back in time,
When I was hers and she was mine.

I'd always protect her and let nothing harm her.
How ironic it was though that she was my armor.

She always made me feel so secure.
No matter what went wrong, she always had a cure.

With her, I felt absolutely no fear,
But now I'm scared of anything that comes near.

She healed me and put me back together,
So I held on to her; she was my tether.

Sadly, she suddenly cut the rope,
And with it went my happiness and hope.

The spell had finally been broken
As I realized I had awoken.

It had all just been a dream,
No matter how real it may have seemed.

Everything I felt had been an illusion,
Explained by the way it left me in shock and confusion.

My best dream became my worst nightmare.
She vanished while she was right there.

She left me to struggle on my own.
She left me stranded, isolated, and all alone.

I had to wake up and realize
That the only real truth are real lies.

But I can truly tell her, "You're the sweetest dream I ever had,"
And for that, I can only be grateful and glad.

To be happy again, I'll have to relive the past.
Hold on to every memory for as long as they last,

To look back at how I used to feel,
To remember them as if they were real.

Even though it's over, l'll have to pretend,
Because all good things must come to an end.


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  • Natosha Jackson by Natosha Jackson
  • 3 years ago

From the bottom of my soul, I truly feel that we are meant to be. I will love and cherish you. Till death do us part. I'm telling you all this from the bottom of my heart. Right now it doesn't seem like you care or understand that you are all I wanted. I'm sorry I didn't mean your family's expectations, but what should it matter? This is our relationship. Maybe one day you will finally see that you and I are meant to be.

  • Riley Horton Brendon by Riley Horton Brendon
  • 6 years ago

We all have that special someone…until you don’t feel like he/she is your special one anymore. That’s what happened to me. Avery, if you ever read this, I’m truly sorry. But I have found a new special someone. If you have ever been in a long relationship but don’t know what you think about that person anymore, I know how you feel. Things in life are hard. I know, but as long as you believe what you say is right, then do what you think is right.

  • George Olanna Sr by George Olanna Sr
  • 7 years ago

My young lady and I are just breaking up. We both are Eskimos from Alaska. The feeling right now is colder than the north wind from the ocean. There is interference from another who is not in any way professional or have a job. I am a teacher. Didn't expect it trusting her. I thought we were ok until last night. Then I found she is going with another man. She is bipolar, which might be the problem. I don't want to blame her for the problem if is bipolar. If only we could talk. I am not sure if I should take her if she wishes to.

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