Missing You Poem about Friends

Thie poem is for my best friend, Trevor. We have seen each other through so many things that I can't even begin to describe. He left on September 22nd for the Navy SEALs. I wrote this poem to him in one of our many letters that have been sent since he left.

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Published: October 2008

Vanilla Frappuccinos
Long talks on the boardwalk
Highs and lows
Everything in between

You've seen me at my darkest
I've seen you so low
But somehow we made it through

You give me so much strength
To get through everything
There's not a thing that I can hide
From your careful watching eyes

But it makes me better
It straightens my path
I wouldn't change a thing about you

I've always admired your drive and ambition
You've never given up
But I've always given in

By the time you get back
I won't be the same
I'll be newer
I'll be better
But I'll still be your best friend

Though the war may change you
Even harden you
I know that no matter what happens
You will always be my Anam Cara,
The friend of my soul

Trev, be strong

Best friends



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