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Build A Poetry Inspiration Jar

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Poem ideas can be found anywhere. You just have to be open to their possibility and capture the ideas as they come.

Even though you might not have a chance to write the entire poem when the idea strikes, it’s important to write down a word or phrase so you can expand on it later.

A lot of people keep a notebook of ideas to refer to at a later date. This can be something you keep by your bed to jot down an idea in the middle of the night after you have an inspiring dream. Keep it in your car for when you’re stuck in traffic or at a red light. If you keep a notebook and pen in the places you frequent throughout the day, you’ll be able to capture ideas as they come. (Don’t forget about your phone; it’s also the perfect place to record thoughts that float around.)

If you’re looking for a way to decide which idea(s) to use, write down each idea on a separate piece of paper. You might even write on napkins, old candy wrappers, or whatever you have handy when the idea strikes.

Place them in a jar, and continue filling the jar with your inspiration. It might include words, phrases, or quotes. When you sit down to write a poem, pull out one of the pieces of paper and explore what is written on it.

To brainstorm, write down all the words or images that comes to mind about that specific idea. Once you have gathered enough thoughts, you’ll be ready to start your poem.



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