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Poem To Dad From Angry Daughter

A poem to her dad from a daughter who is slipping away before his eyes.

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My dad is a substance abuser. He is abusive physically, emotionally and mentally in every possible way imagine. Since I could remember he has degraded my mum, my brothers and me. My mum...

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Analysis of Form and Technique

Last Chance


Published: August 2008

My heart aches, Dad,
For the things you won't do.
My soul breaks, Dad,
For all that we've been through.

I fear it's too late, Dad,
To mend my broken heart.
I'm so full of hate, Dad,
I don't know where to start.

You took away my hope, Dad,
That I would ever be loved,
And now I'm left to cope, Dad,
As I watch you love your son.

I want to scream and yell, Dad,
But I fear my voice will crack.
I want so much to tell you, Dad,
That I can't always take you back.

Please listen to my words, Dad,
For they are all that I can say.
I want you to treat me like I'm yours, Dad,
And not just throw me away.



For Students - Analysis of Form and Technique

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Techniques this poem uses:

  • This poem is made up of quatrains, which are 4 line stanzas.
    Read more about stanzas
  • It follows the rhyme scheme of ABAB. The words at the end of the second and fourth lines rhyme with each other (the first and third lines end in the same word).

    My heart aches, dad, A
    For the things you won't do B
    My soul breaks, dad, A
    For all that we've been through B

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  • This poems uses the repetition of "dad" to bring attention to the author pleading with her dad.
    Read more about using repetition
  • The author uses a lot of emotion to convey the pain she feels about the relationship she has with her dad.

    Please listen to my words, dad
    For they are all that I can say
    I want you to treat me like I'm yours, dad
    And not just throw me away

    Read more about writing with emotion

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  • Simone by Simone
  • 2 years ago

My dad is a substance abuser. He is abusive physically, emotionally and mentally in every possible way imagine. Since I could remember he has degraded my mum, my brothers and me. My mum stayed with my dad in fear of losing a home for her and her kids, however, she has contributed to the hell we lived and grew up in by staying. This continues still as well as the cycle of abuse as I see how my brothers treat and get treated by their spouses and kids. My parents refuses to see how their choices affected the lives of their kids and how we view the world. People who grew up without fathers never know how many nights we prayed ours was dead or never came back. Sometimes not having a father is much better than having one like ours. Lord be with me because I don't want my child to feel or grow up the way my brothers and I did and still do!!! No child should go through what we did and pray and hope never ever will again.

  • Dhan by Dhan
  • 2 years ago

How could someone hate someone as much as I hate my dad? How many sins I must have done to be born as his daughter. How could someone love someone who never loved you and always put you into miseries? He is just a devil with a smile...just an alcoholic devil!

  • Rachael Steeple by Rachael Steeple
  • 3 years ago

I like this poem. I'd include more details if I wrote it myself but it is simple, and I very much like that. I am one of the lucky girls, I have a father with me living with me. But him living with me is just not what it seems to be. He is a terrible person. He has turned into an alcoholic about 6 years ago. I'm 17 and that is all I know about him. He is so mean and I mean heartless. Everyday my self esteem in degraded, and sometimes I get physically hurt by him. I can honestly say that there is no one on this Earth that I hate more than him. But girls let me tell you, from all the nights i cried alone (only child) I have figured out that you do not need a father figure in your life. All you need is yourself to be strong. We all go through very rough times and some people like me even have terrible memories from their childhood that still haunts them at night. Keep your head up and believe in yourself. You do not need some man telling you are something great. All you need is a + mind. :)

  • Rachael Dwyer by Rachael Dwyer
  • 3 years ago

I can relate to this poem especially the last stanza because I used to have a bond with my dad then he turned to alcohol and now he can get angry very quickly. Also he never listens to anything that I have to say which always makes me think that he doesn't care about anything that I have to say. Also he definitely loves my brother more than me or at least that's what his actions make me think.

  • Jamie Leigh Boyd by Jamie Leigh Boyd
  • 3 years ago

I really understand what you mean, but for me it's both my parents who are alcoholics. Each day it gets worse and worse. I even wanna run away. Both my parents regret that I was born and don't want me a part of their lives. But you know what I've learned is that all you need is good friends and a great guy to make your life worth living. Don't give up because there is one person who loves you unconditionally, and cares and he’s in heaven looking down on us. We all have been put through hell, but it’s made us stronger in every way possible.

  • Miss Nobody by Miss Nobody
  • 4 years ago

Me and my dad used to bond. My mother even tells me that he wasn't always this way. I believe her. I just don't really think that he should be treating me like this. He is a hypocrite. He is selfish. He is rude. He tries to dominate way too much. He just isn't your ideal dad. And that is kind of hard for a kid like me. This is the case with my whole family. They are all too tough on me. I just don't get them at all.

  • Emma by Emma, England
  • 5 years ago

My dad just doesn't listen. He breaks promise I want to scream and hit him but he would kill me. Sometimes I don't want to know my dad.

  • Maryam by Maryam, Iran
  • 6 years ago

That's how exactly I feel. I'm not important for him at all. My birthday is this week but he hasn't bothered himself to see me. I have tried to forget him but I couldn't. I even don't know that I love him or I just hate him for all things that he put me through.

  • Jaelyn Perunko by Jaelyn Perunko
  • 3 years ago

My father was abusive and stole from me. Not only did he steal my money, he stole my feelings, my strength, and my hope. He drinks nonstop and hardly ever calls to check in. I cry almost every night. Even if he's not the first thing I think about when my eyes water, he always makes the tears last longer. Sometimes I scare myself with my lack of emotion in very emotional situations. I forget how to feel more often than I care to mention. He broke me and didn't bat an eye, never tried to fix me. He used me in inexplicable ways. I'm no longer whole thanks to him. I sincerely apologize to whoever has to put me back together. I'm scattered all over. Even I can't fix it.

  • Anonymus by Anonymus, Canada
  • 6 years ago

My father always took care of my sister better than me cause she shared the same passion as him. He left my mother before I was even born and told me several times I was a mistake, even though he loved me. About 6 years ago, he had a depression and forgot about my sister and I. Today, he lives across the world. He left without even saying goodbye and even if I tried to set things up with him, he still tries to blame us for what happened. My stepmother's family told me several times it was OBVIOUS that sadly, my father loved my sister more than me and that he never deserved to be a father. Despite all of this, I really tried to forgive him but all I have for him is hate. I wish I never knew him because he will never have the strength to admit he was wrong.

  • Alisha by Alisha, England
  • 6 years ago

I don't know my dad.
He's never bothered with me and he's never sent me a card on my birthday.
He doesn't even want to give my mum money for me like he's meant to.
I'm 15 and I hate it when people around me moan about their dads, and how their dad didn't get them what they wanted and stuff like that, because I'm, like, well at least your dad is there with you, and he is there for you! You have no reason to moan about your dad because he's there with you.
And my best friend is far from supportive, she goes around saying "my dad's so amazing, I don't know how I could live without him, I feel so sorry for you..."! It's like, you're meant to be my best friend and you know that I don't know my dad.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I get a facebook friend request from my dad, and I didn't know whether to accept it or not. Finally I decided to accept; I mean what did I have to lose? But when I clicked accept, it said he had cancelled it. That tore me apart because some part of me actually thought that he did care.

  • Feiroz Humayara by Feiroz Humayara, Dhaka
  • 6 years ago

I wish my father could see this poem. He has put me through some pretty tough times. All the promises he broke, every time he broke my heart, every time he told me, 'Go fuck yourself' or 'Maybe for once you are right. Maybe I don't appreciate you and need you', my heart broke. The worst thing is that..he did this before and then realized what he did and cried with regret. He promised he will never leave me again. But he has done the same thing again. I would take him back again if he came to me. I cry to bed every night thinking just of him. I cant tell him these because he is always angry at me. I know that he never thinks of me. I know that he doesn't give a damn. I just wish I could have him back.

  • Mikaela by Mikaela, Melbourne Aus
  • 7 years ago

My father has never been there for me ever since my sister was born, and I was about 5, he has never supported me with anything, and the worst part is that I love him so much but I hate him because of all the pain he has put me through.... my father may have schizophrenia, he has 5 children and only cares about the youngest (my sister) and the second eldest (my Brother) and I know nothing will change though.

  • Jeanette by Jeanette, Covina CA
  • 8 years ago

My fathers an alcoholic I'm not going to lie. He's put my mother though so much, and no matter how wrong he was then, I as his first born child was stuck to him like white on rice. I've seen him angry, furious, sad, emotional, brave, from his highest point to his lowest. For many years I was angry at him for spending a lifetime of money on his best friend, alcohol rather than his own home and family. No matter how many arrest, no matter how many drunk fights or DUI's I couldn't stay mad, I love him anyway. he missed my youth, and hardly even knows me. and no matter how many times I lose myself, He brings me back to reality. He's f*cked up so many times, I still tend to over look it. My love for him is unconditional, If the sun refused to shine, I'd still be loving him, and when the mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be he and I.

  • Miranda by Miranda, WI
  • 9 years ago

This was an EXCELLENT poem. I love to write things like this because my father also left and lingers around and doesn't show me his love like he should. you have talent. keep up seriously. I love it. absolutely LOVE IT

  • Benny by Benny
  • 9 years ago

I am a Dad and my little girl half way across the country. I wish she was here with me where she belongs. I have a hole in my heart where she fits perfectly. I am afraid that she may grow up feeling like this too, because I have my son who lives with me. it was not my choice for her mother to move away and my daughter with her. I cry at times because I miss her so much...

  • Ayanna by Ayanna
  • 10 years ago

My father's not around either. I was the one who wanted see and visit him. I was the one who tried to plan all the trips. He never tries to visit me. His son always comes first and has the he sorriest excuses. I'll give him credit for trying but I think he could've done a lot better. It's like he doesn't think or care about me.

  • Bridget Brown by Bridget Brown
  • 10 years ago

My dad is an alcoholic and treats my little brother better than me at times. I feel as though this poem is exactly what I want to tell about my feelings on the way he is acting.

  • Veronica by Veronica
  • 10 years ago

My father... well lets just say he's not around, and not here for me.
The last thing he said to me before he left ... over a year ago.. was "don't touch me, if you wanted a hug you should have seen me before I was leaving"

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