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Fun Facts ABC Poem

I wanted to try writing an ABC poem for kids. I love to write and like to try my hand at writing all different forms of poetry.

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Did You Know?

Jodi L. Landes- Reimer © more by Jodi L. Landes- Reimer

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2019 with permission of the Author.

A cardinal flew past me today
Because he wanted my attention.
Cardinals mean someone in heaven is thinking of you.
Did you know that? And did you also know that
Emeralds are green.
Fish are scaly, slimy, and can be mean.
Grass is green in summer and brown in late fall.
Hay isn't just for horses even though it's inside their stall.
Ice cream is delicious, and I love it so.
Jelly beans are very popular at Easter and then they seem to go.
Kittens are so adorable and playful, it's true.
Lambs say baa and their mom is called a ewe.
Monkeys swing from trees with their arms.
Night owls hoot and can live on a farm.
Opossums hang upside down.
Penguins are black and white, and they don't wear a crown.
Questions find answers.
Restaurants are great places to eat.
S'mores are a tasty treat .
Time goes by fast when you aren't watching the clock.
Umbrellas keep us dry so we can walk around the block.
Violins make beautiful music with their strings and a bow.
Watermelon seed spitting is something you never outgrow.
X-rays make our bones visible to
Doctors -
Zebras are black and white.

The ABC poem has ended and I bid you goodnight.


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