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Magical Wishes

© more by Richard M. Deets

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008 with permission of the Author.

If I were a magician with dancing eyes,
I’d grant all your wishes for a smile.
Sunny skies full of waltzing butterflies,
New friends to share your toys (for a while).

Two big purple teddy bears that speak,
Poodles that laugh, blue noodles that sigh,
Silly little mice dressed in pink boots that squeak,
Five polka dotted ice cream cones a mile high.

A dozen daisies dancing in a velvet case,
Triple rainbows after each gentle rain,
A magic mirror pool to reflect your pretty face,
And seven pennies for wishes not too plain.

I would give you twenty pop-up clowns,
Candy Leprechauns counting pick-up sticks,
Unicorns to ride in parades through glass towns,
Colorful floating bubbles (just for kicks).

Furry little kittens to tickle your cheeks,
Fourteen canaries dressed in turquoise tights,
A pocketful of sweets to last you four weeks,
Three little piglets in fields of flowers flying kites,

Gold tickets for all the rides at your favorite sites,
Fifteen princes to carry all your stuff,
A blinking magic carpet for special flights,
And play rooms that tidy in a single puff.

I would hand you the world on a silver string
And listen to all the children laugh and sing.


more by Richard M. Deets

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